I’m Bored, Therefore I Google

So some big shot architects have unveiled their version of a green home. You can read about it HERE. This five bedroom, four bath wonder is really into recycling. It includes a chair made of trashed margarine containers. (A lot of muffin eating went into making that chair.) And it has a lovely bench constructed of recycled milk cartons. I bet that smells really good. And the wood exterior of the house is wood that is in it’s third life. The previous life being a bridge. Okay, if the bridge was so bad that it had to be torn down, then I really don’t want a house built with that wood. We have tornadoes around here, and I don’t want to be in a home with the security of a box of toothpicks.

In case you were bored and wanting to fill your hours with thoughts of Thanksgiving, HERE is a little (not quite so) fun. It’s not nearly as good as the skeleton hangman, and the mysterious swarm of turkeys is a little obnoxious.

Also on that site, you can read hilarious holiday jokes. Like which cat discovered America? Christofurry Columbus.
Oh, my side hurts from laughing.
And: Who’s not hungry at Thanksgiving?
Answer: The turkey. He’s already stuffed.
Um, yeah, and he’s dead.

HERE is the best “oh so bored in November” website. I could play that for hours. Those little rascals are hard to hit.

Finally, I have somebody brilliant slaving away on my new website. Check out my preview page!! It’s already cool!

Happy Wednesday. Share some lame jokes with someone you love.
Or thoroughly dislike. Whichever.