What a Week. . . Already!

Day two at work without any email.
That's right–can you imagine? It's been sheer torture.

So we're all about energy conservation at my school. (Seriously, we have somebody whose job as “Energy Czar” is just to monitor our energy use and constantly pop in and out of the buildings AT NIGHT and check to see if our stuff is all turned off.) So I had to turn off my computer over the Thanksgiving Break. And it got mad. And lonely. And scared. And cold.
And just gave up.
When I came in Monday morning and pushed the beautiful power button. . . nothing happened.
I broke out in a sweat and started panicking. I tried EVERYTHING to get to power on.
Even administrered mouth to mouth. (Which was a little awkward.)

But anyway, it was DEAD. So the whole day I found myself just automatically going to my computer to see if I had email. But I didn't. Because I only had a corpse of a computer. At our school ALL our communication is done via email. And we're so large that I rarely see any other adults, and the only communication I have is via the computer. I was TOTALLY cut off, I tell you! Do you even understand my pain? They should've given me paid time off to grieve in peace until the problem was resolved.

Enter DAY TWO.
Still no computer. And nobody really doing anything about it.
And just when I was at the point of not being able to carry on any further, I get an email tonight.
Tomorrow morning there will be a new computer waiting for me! Woo-hoo!
I can see clearly now the rain is gone! Doodley, doo, (insert other words here) Here is the rainbow I've been wishing on! Or something like that. . .
But I hope they don't take down my illegal extension jack.

So other than that, no news to report. I'm just glad I didn't have to rally all of you to prayer for my computer-less work day.

But I am distressed over Hulk Hogan's wife filing for divorce. Like I told my friend Kari, I think maybe you can only love a man in spandex for so long.

And so far Brit's custody case is closed to the public. Which is a shame because it would've made for some good reality TV with all the network shows moving into reruns.

Have a great Wednesday.

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Timothy Fish - November 28, 2007

Your mention of an Energy Czar brings to mind the image of a little fat Russian dude with a fur hat and a heavy coat wandering the halls at night, peeking into the classrooms and anytime he sees the slightest glimmer of light the giggles with glee. “There shall be a firing squad in the morning.”

Alyssa G. - December 13, 2007

OMGOODNESS!!!! I know what you mean when you feel computer deprived! During the summer, I normally just sit on the computer and do nothing at all. Well, my lovely mother and father came up with this brilliant idea to ban me from the computer for a week!!!!! And then we go on vacations and my dad won’t let me use his computer to comunicate (because it is sooooo much cheaper than the cell) so I mentaly break down and get really close to crying about not being able to talk to anyone outside the “Family Circle”!!!!!! And they pay from my bad additude for the rest of the vacation (scandalous, I know!):)


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