More Celebs…Nope, Nevermind.

Thursday night I went to the Wal-Mart Shareholder concert and saw Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban. If you’ve never seen Keith Urban in concert, you are seriously missing out on something in life. The man is a genius, a master musician, a brilliant entertainer, and he has really good hair. I’d post a picture, but currently WordPress (who we KNOW I love) won’t let me.

Friday night I got up at the unholy hour of 4:20 to go to the Shareholder meeting. The only people up at this hour are drug dealers and Wal-Mart stock holders. An even though that was a ridiculous time to get up, I felt it was really important to see what Wal-Mart’s plan for my share was. That’s right, I said share. As in singular. As in dos minus uno equals uno. See, you only have to have ONE share to be considered stockholder and get to go to the meeting. And I want to go to the meeting because I care about Wal-Mart’s plan for the year, their environmental changes, and the specific strategies they will implement to maximize corporate growth. THERE ARE FAMOUS PEOPLE THERE!!!!!!

Okay, so WordPress isn’t letting me insert any pics today–not that I’m bitter. So I will have to tell you about mucho celebritios Wednesday. But let me give you a two word preview: DAVID. COOK. Seriously.

Did you know shakes at Sonic are currently 99 cents? This means I can drink two for basically the price of one! And that’s good because sometimes I feel like I should get a fruit shake because a growing girl needs her fruit servings. But then what I really want is chocolate. So now I don’t have to choose! Thank you, Sonic! You really do have my best interests at heart. My artery clogged heart…

Clay Aiken is going to be a father. Since this is a rated G blog, I have nothing to say to that.

In other news of the weird, did you know in 2011 Brokeback Mountain will reappear–as an opera? I saw it more as a synchronized swimming one act, but whatever.

Tomorrow I have to go back to school. Why, you ask? Because my district knows the BEST way to keep your teachers happy is to make them go to school in the summer. They KNOW how much we miss school, especially not having been out even an entire WEEK YET. Maybe if I’m REALLY, REALLY lucky it will be like a few years ago when I had to go in the summer, and I got yelled out by TWO different people for walking on a waxed floor that WASN’T MARKED ANYWHERE. That was a great day. I sure hope we can have a repeat. I live for waxy-floor-bawl-outs.

Saw Indiana Jones this weekend. I am a big Indy fan. LOVED the first three. I’m probably gonna ruin this for everyone (SPOILER ALERT—COVER YOUR EYES), but had someone just whispered one single word in my ear, I could’ve saved 2+ hours and $8.50. Just one word would’ve said it all……..Aliens. S’all I’m gonna say. But Steven Spielberg must’ve had QUITE the heavy hand in this one. I wasn’t sure if it was Indiana Jones No. 4 or E.T. Part 2.

Have a great week. I get to go to school 3x, get my top braces BACK on, have 3 doctor’s appointments and attend two weddings. And somewhere in the middle of all that I’m supposed to write a book. : )