It’s Not Even Debatable—It’s Friday!

I am LOVING this weather. Here in Arkansas, not only are we having wiener dog races, but we're also having a cool front. I LOVE this time of year. I get excited for every season. And when it changes is always the point at which I've had enough of the previous season. I'm so ready for fall and cooler temps!

As I write this, the vp debates are hours away. I don't even know what to say about that. Well, I do, but I'm not. Let me just say, “Sigh.” Big, big sigh. To quote a Tiffany (circa 1984) song, “Could've been so beautiful! Could've been so right!” It's just a crazy year all the way around, and I don't know that either side is putting their best foot forward. Can I just vote for Condaleeza?

So I watched Pushing Daisies for the first time last night. It was supposed to be about a circus, which is what I'm researching now for a book, but it wasn't. But I got sucked into it anyway. Honestly, the plot and mystery are kinda thin, but there's so much to see and listen to that it's good! I really liked it! I don't know that I could watch it weekly. It's kinda too rich–like I couldn't eat triple chocolate cake every day. Oh, who am I kidding. Of course I could.

But Pushing Daisies is about this guy who owns The Pie Hole, a pie shop. And he has this weird ability to bring the dead back to life by touching them. And he does so to solve crimes with his partner, who is the best part of this show. It's Chi McBride, who used to be the principal on Boston Public. Some of you were like two when that show was on. He is hilarious and so unlike his principal self. And then there is Swoosie Kurtz and Wicked's Kristin Chenoweth, who totally needs her roots done. But lots of humor, lots of grandiose and farce and irony. Everything has a comic book like feel. Check it out.

Remember I told you I had a student who could pull his leg behind him and rest it on his shoulder? Here he is.

He was seriously stressed over some homework and was like, “I don't have time for a picture!” And I'm all, “Forget the homework! Prioritize here. Focus on what I want!”

So since I don't drink tap water anymore (I'm not a tap snob, but I'll spare you the why's), I drink a LOT of bottled water. And since I don't have curb-side recycling pick-up, you have to save your recycling and take it to some place in town. I hate it. But at least they're open normal hours. Unlike our five minute post office. So anyway, I save them until my garage is about to explode, then drive them to the recycling center. Here's what I saw when I packed my car and looked in my rear-view.

Just me and 500 bags-o-bottles.

Did any of you go to See You At the Pole last week? I love SYATP. I teach in a school of over 3200, but our turnout is always kinda wimpy. I didn't get to go this year, but I did snap the kids' pic. I'm so proud of them. All ten of them…

I also mentioned that I did a sample how-to speech for my students. I remember when I first started teaching speech, I knew I was going to have to come up with some how-to topic. So I picked origami. Specifically I wanted to show them how to fold an origami swan. How hard could that be? Puh-lease! Omigosh. I worked for hours and could NOT figure it out. So then I thought…how can I incorporate something that will allow me to wear sweats…? Yoga! So now I teach a yoga speech 2x a year and wear sweats four days out of the year! Genius! Anyway, I have a class of just athletes, mostly volleyball girls and football players. Here they are doing yoga.

“Ommmm….Why are we doing this again?”

“Warrior Two is the best! Ms. Jones' yoga speech has changed my life!”

Finally, 100 years ago I went to a WWE Raw event for research (and to pick up a spandexy man, but that didn't happen). I truly will get to that joyous, LOUD event next week, but here's the pictorial proof that we were there. That's Thelma (the one handed picture taking queen), moi, and Louise. It was like my braces last hoorah before getting plier'd off my teeth.

Have a lovely weekend. I'm going to work and shop. It's my annual search for the perfect pair of brown boots. I have yet to find them.  Plus I need to make some purchases before all the banks go under, and I'm living off Miller's cat food, walking 2 hours to work, and missing the days of eating Twix for breakfast.


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Julia - October 3, 2008

I am the first. I have to go clean, though, so my victory is short lived. Loved the kid with the leg though. Can you get him to do it with both legs?!?! And maybe an arm or two?!

Salle - October 3, 2008

BERNEY ROCKS! Seriously have him do his radio voice! AMAZING, GREAT KID!

Laura - October 4, 2008

I had a couple of those kids in class a couple of years ago. Loved them! You need to call me and tell me about your kids and remind me that good ones do exist!


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