Siamese Twins, Rotten Pizzas, and the Goddess Who Got the Shaft

It is cold and rainy out right now, and I'm craving some couch time and a good book. Even though the couch and I bonded waaaayyy too much on Sunday. I think my butt imprint is still on it.

So in Nepal they have appointed a three year old girl as a living goddess. Seems they pick one from the poor caste and she goes to live in this temple–alone–until she reaches puberty. She had to have perfect hair, eyes, teeth and skin with no scars, and not be afraid of the dark.  And her reward for being all perfect and beautiful? Pretty much nothing.  AND she has to spend a night alone in a room with the heads of
ritually slaughtered goats and buffaloes without showing fear. Okay, I”m 30-something, and I would probably bawl the whole night and shrink into fetal position if I had to sleep in a room of slaughtered animal heads. Clearly this girl needs an agent. Somebody needs to step up and say, “My client–you know, the one who is the living goddess–is not getting a fair deal here. She at least wants an allowance and a few Barbies.” And a few less bloody animal carcasses.

This next video clip isn't funny at all, but made my day to watch. I love ABC's Person of the Week on the evening news. It's the best part of the show. (And often the only part I can follow without a map, Google, and some Tylenol.) Julia Burney Witherspoon is a former cop who wanted to do something about a lack of childrens' books in a poor area of Wisconsin. It is an amazing story of God totally giving her a windfall of books, and her running with it from there. Check it out HERE. Does that not give you chills? (The good kind. Not like the chills I got today when I realized a student had left food from his “how to make pizza” speech in my classroom ALL weekend and we now had a swarm of gnats. Not those kind of chills.)

Did you see that they are now saying not to give cough medicine to kids under four? So for all you three year olds reading this who are still chugging back the Dymatap and Pedia Care, you need to stop. I remember my brother and I used to take some that tasted like cherry Life Savers. And we LOVED it. We had lots of “coughs.” The adult stuff does not taste as good as the kids' versions. In fact, I'd rather hack up my lungs than take that stuff now. It tastes like motor oil mixed with battery acid.

Speaking of the Jim Bob Duggar family and their show on TLC, if you get really bored you can play “Name That Duggar.” Check it out HERE. (And I lost and didn't get any tater tot casserole. )  Apparently this show is so bad, it's somewhat good in all its awkwardness. Sadly I don't get TLC, so I'm missing it.  My friend Leslie said the oldest boy just got engaged and since the couple is not allowed to kiss until marriage, they hold hands. All the time. And I mean ALLLLL the time. Like when they're eating. Okay, here's my PSA for October: Just don't hold hands and eat at the same time. Number one, you will be wearing your dinner, which will not be hot and sexy to the person you are not allowed to kiss.  And number two, you look like Siamese twins.

Have a great Wednesday. Hope you enjoyed the political debate. Can't wait to see it on SNL this weekend.

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Rhonda - October 8, 2008

LOVED the book cop. What an awesome lady!!! She’s my new hero.

Heather - October 8, 2008

I just played the Duggar name game. It took MANY tries on my wonderful plan time here at work. I got NO grades entered, but OH YES! I finally won my tater tot casserole! Beat that!

Salle - October 8, 2008

TWO WORDS….ORANGE TRIAMENIC…you’ll never be ever to stop…YUMMY

sandra - October 8, 2008

i really like TLC it is like my fav show, i actually watched that episode on TLC it was cool.

Julia... I think - October 8, 2008

Yes, it’s time for the Julia-zinger. Tada! I have to wonder how the Dugger parents keep there children’s names straight. I can’t even remember MY name sometimes. When/If I have kids, I’ll probably be calling them by the dog’s name. “Come here, Rosco! Errr, John!”
Excuse me for falsely accusing you of not commenting on my comments. I’ve been so busy learning to be a ninja pirate light saber guru, I guess I had a moment of temporary insanity. Or a couple years of TEMPORARY insanity. I do expect it to wear off some time in the next fifty years though.

Jenny - October 12, 2008

Salle, cough medicine makes me hurl. And I’d rather cough than hurl.

And Julia, I cannot IMAGINE how they keep their 17 kids’ names straight. And all J’s at that. If I had 17 (soon 18) kids, I’d go through the alphabet.

Sandra, I’ve heard the show is watch-worthy. Kind of in a car crash sort of way, but definitely recommended.

Rhonda, I LOVE the book cop! How awesome is that? And that she just stumbled upon 10k books!


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