November Is the Hairiest Month of All

Happy Halloween for those of you who participate! Happy Day of Candy for those of you who do not. Either way, I like to reflect back on good quality art during this season.

And if you want to dance along to Thriller (and who doesn't), you'll want to check this out:

If you're not down with Halloween, it's okay. Because November provides a holiday for all of us. It's National No Shaving Month! YAY! I think this was originally a festival for the menfolk, but why should they celebrate alone? Who's in the challenge with me?

If you are a book reviewer and blogger (a blogewer), then check out the new program by Thomas Nelson HERE. I think this is an awesome idea. You know what else Thomas Nelson is doing that makes me green with envy? They have instituted a jeans policy. The idea is that it boosts morale and saves the employees time and money. I have been pushing this idea for over a DECADE!!! Sadly, people think teachers need to dress all professional and stuff. It's so lame! I am totally going to fill out a job application for Thomas Nelson though. I would relocate to Tennessee and scrub toilets in order to wear jeans every day. I don't know when I became such a (wannabe) lazy dresser, but I blame it on the grunge period of the nineties, which I embraced with my full being. In fact, just this week I tossed out my favorite XL quilted flannel shirt circa 1994.

I think I'm going to brave it and go see High School Musical 3 this weekend. Has anyone seen it? I heard it wasn't that bad. I am hopefully taking my nephew, so in case anyone sees me I can say, “Oh, he wanted to see it. The sacrifices I make. . .” My mom wants to see it too, so we'll suffer for my nephew together. But in even better movie news, Madagascar II comes out next Friday!!! And then in a few MORE weeks, it's Twilight. What a great month November is. A whole month of hairy legs AND some good movies!

Thanks for the book recommendations, by the way. Right now I'm trying to read this one:

I want to like it. I really, really do. It has a great cover, and that has to count for something. It's just not fast enough for me. Lots of pretty words and phrases, but like…too many, you know? And not one joke yet. Sigh. It's a burden having immature taste in reading and entertainment. Did I mention the uneven socks on the cover drive me nuts? This is why I will never win a Pulitzer. Plus if I was nominated for one, I'd be at home in my jeans watching Ugly Betty and Dawson's Creek reruns.

Congrats to my good friend Jessica and her husband Jason. They are the proud parents of Taylor Autumn. After a marathon-o-labor, they finally have their baby girl, who will join her two older sisters. Who are Labrador Retrievers. If Jason and Jessica can train the labs, I know parenthood will be a snap.

Have a great weekend. Eat some candy. Candy corn is never any fresher than it is in the month of October. For reals.


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Timothy Fish - October 31, 2008

I know of a few women who, at least used to, think it’s November all year round.

Sarah D - October 31, 2008

Haha and ouch, Timothy!
Jenny, please tell me I imagined the use of the words “suffer” and “not too bad” in conjunction with HSM3! I thought you of all people, being a high school teacher, would understand the need for uber-attractive teenagers to strut around in the latest fashions, channeling their various emotions through song and dance. (I mean, think how fast your days would pass!)Plus I also remember a certain blog in which gross student PDA outside your office door was an issue. In light of all this, shouldn’t you be encouraging teens to turn from their ways and emulate Troyella?
So anyway I sincerely hope you were being funny and are secretly in love with HSM. If so, come out of the closet and join us; there’s no discrimination, only singing!
Oh and I have seen the movie. It’s pretty decent…although it’s not like I’m a big fan or anything;)

Danica - October 31, 2008

Okay, Jen, here’s the thing that absolutely astounds me. I watched 13 going on 30 with my much-older hubby (something you’d appreciate since you and I are the same age) and I commented about not knowing there was such a thing as a Thriller dance. He claimed to not know about one either and he was of an age that he would have. And now you, my precious friend, have shown me the light. So glad to know you!

jen - November 1, 2008

Tim, these were just women with better things to do with their time than shave, I guess. It was very productive of them.

Sarah D, I am looking forward to HSM3. And if life were a musical, it would be SOOO much better. Of course some of us spontaneously break out into song anyway. And not in a good “oh, you should be in a musical!” sort of way.

Danica, though it pains me to admit it and risk being uncool, I honestly had no idea there was “a dance” from Thriller either until 13 going on 30. I think we’re just younger than we think. We were too young when Thriller came out. I was like in 3rd or 4th grade. Learn a dance? I was still playing with Elena Susanna, my Cabbage Patch.

Natalie - November 3, 2008

I didn’t realize no shave november went both ways! This is a very exciting revelation! My brother participates every year and his beard gets crazy. I think he was meant to live out in the wildnerness.

Have you seen the you tube clip of the Indian version of Thriller? Makes me laugh way too hard!! I sent it to my college roommates and told them that was the reason I never went to clubs with them in college. Guys like that are the only kinds of guys who tried to dance with me.

I get sad when books with great covers don’t hold me. I feel that way about Graceling. I want to like it. Every review says it’s amazing. I don’t understand why I can’t get into it. I did read Coraline on Halloween though – a children’s book, very short. It was creepy and beautiful and I read it in like an hour. I highly recommend that one.

Jenny - November 3, 2008

Natalie, that’s funny your brother participates in No Shave November. I’d never heard of it. (And really feel like I’ve been missing out.) I have not seen the Indian version of Thriller–is that the one where it’s in a prison and they’re all in orange jump suits? I keep meaning to watch that and never have.

I will check out Coraline. sounds really good. Love children’s books.

Natalie - November 3, 2008

What am I good for if not a you tube link? 🙂

Just warn anybody around you to move when this comes on. It will inspire you to bust a move, no doubt.

Sarah - November 4, 2008

No shave month in college was always Feb. but I never participated.

I have that book to read too and I’ve started it twice-once me reading it and once on CD. The CD was ok, but the guy’s voice was not romantic at all, so that didn’t work. I’m determined to read it, though!

Jessica Epps - November 9, 2008

Jen Jones, you are such a sweetheart! I’m just now getting caught up on your blog and saw your sweet post about our little one. That was really nice of you! Hope I didn’t traumatize you too badly with the birth story, ha ha!


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