The Winter of My Discontent

Congrats to Heather for winning Engaging Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn! Heather, please email me your addy, and we'll get that book to you.

Sorry I didn't post Monday. You have no idea what I've been through since last Friday. I have been diligently tracking a winter storm, once again buying into all these weather man's promises, only to come away empty handed…empty hearted. Last night they had a map of the system showing the storm above us and below us, but not in our little county. The Weather Guy said, “It was supposed to hit us. It's like someone is taking a blow dryer…look at that map. Isn't that crazy?” And all I heard was, “Jennifer, your life is crap because you will not be getting any snow days. The world is against you and a general feeling of malaise and misery will be consuming you by the second.”

To drown my sorrows and get my mind off things, I went HERE to play a game. Except I stunk at it, so I just got even more down. I can't have snow, and I can't even catch fake Ben and Jerry fish.

There has been one bright spot in my snow-less week. I learned that Lauren Graham, aka Lorelai Gilmore, will soon be back on TV with a new show. I can't wait! I miss her and Rory so much! And Stars Hollow. Where God blessed them with snow. And not misery.

We are done with our semester test in my class, so we're watching Princess Bride. Some of them do not appreciate it. Can you imagine? Inconceivable! But a few of my students do know what ROUS's are, and they are now my new favorites. If their grades magically bump up to perfect A's, then who can blame me?

A few weekends ago I went to a Christmas party, and we played this game called Encore. It's a singing game. ( I know, eye roll right, but no…it totally hooked me and my evil competitive singingness took over!) So you get a card and it might say something like, “Where,” and you and your team have to come up with a song that has the word “where” in it. Then if you get it right, it goes to the next team to try, and it keeps going until you mess up/time runs out. It is STRESSFUL!!!! Suddenly your mind goes blank and you're like, “I've never heard a single song in my life with the word “where” in it!”  The other team was not very country music savvy, and they were WAY ahead of us, so I tried to sneak one in on them. “Sing a song with a city in it.”  So we were stuck, and I just belted out, “I went to the bar in Dallas and picked up my dog…” They were totally buying it (you have to sing it with conviction and feeling), and my OWN TEAM ratted me out. I was so disgusted. Not only were we losing, but we couldn't even cheat efficiently. Hmph!

Well, Inigo Montoya needs me to help him find the man with six fingers, so I must go.

Have a great week.

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Sarah - December 17, 2008

I hear ya about the snow days, except we don’t really get snow days at the library. I’m in MO and they keep showing us all this “storm stuff” and saying we’re going to get ice and snow, and every morning I wake up and laugh because there’s nothing there! (Yet, everyone here freaks out anyway and thinks a huge storm did hit. I don’t get it)

Sad about Princess Bride too. I showed that for a teen program once and only half of the teens really knew what it was and had watched it. Made me feel really old.

Heather - December 17, 2008

1. I got a snow day on Monday! 🙂 It must have been the Running Man I did Sunday evening in my living room. Thanks for the tip!
2. I HATE Princess Bride…not sure we can still be friends.
3. You HAVE to cheat when you play Encore…that’s the only way to play! And it really is fun, normally…that night it was a dud! You need Justin Paslay and me on a team (cheating of course) to REALLY make it exciting! 🙂
4. Today is my last day of work. I leave town this afternoon and won’t be back til the 28th. SWEET! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Bethany Ellis - December 17, 2008

ROFL!! That game sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!

Ok, so the princess bride is the best movie every made. EVER. i love it!!!!!!!! when we find out that someone we know hasn’t seen it, we just go ahead and throw a princess bride party for them. so fun! i know that movie so well… lol. so yeah, you’re my new favorite blogger 😉

Bethany Ellis - December 17, 2008

ps: the whole lauren thing looks awesome! i love gilmore girls. we watch the repeats on ABC family 🙂

Jenny - December 17, 2008

Um, I’m sorry everyone. I don’t know how this HEATHER WHO HATES PRINCESS BRIDE got through on here. Clearly this is spam. I can’t believe my filters didn’t catch it. (But Heather, cheating would have definitely upped the fun on Encore, and I was sorry that none of you joined me in that pursuit. Hmph. Church people.)

Sarah, I now consider it my duty to make all my ninth graders watch Princess Bride. I’m quite the Princess Bride zealot, always looking for converts…whether they agree to it or not.

Bethany, the game really was awesome and fun. It just seriously stressed me out because it’s one of those where there is a timer and so much pressure that you just go blank. Then wake up at two in the morning going, “Hotel California!”

Colenee - December 17, 2008

“Hello. my name is Inigo Montoya. you killed my father. prepare to die.”

i tried to get my hubby to watch that last week. he failed to appreciate it. we still need to discuss where our relationship can possibly go from here…^_o

don’t lose heart! it will snow! and the first substantial snow day we get we can declare “jenny day” and by next year it will surely be a national holiday where we celebrate your unfaltering devotion to all things fluffy, cold, wet, and sparkly.

“no more rhythms now i mean it!
anybody want a peanut?”

Sarah D - December 17, 2008

I don’t know how to tell you this, Jenny but we’ve had not one but two snow days this week. In fact, guess what kind of day I’m having today? Plus a few of our final exams were postponed.
I don’t know though – maybe Canadian snow days are more brutal than the ones you have over there but I would gladly trade my snow day for a snow-less day if it meant I could venture out of the house and not look like I’m competing with Santa for the “roundest” look and not keep slipping on black ice!

Erin - December 18, 2008

People who do not get Princess Bride, or Monty Python and the Holy Grail, are sadly limited. We’ll have to pray for them.

Julia - December 18, 2008

My name is Inigo Montoya… I love him! We get to watch a creepy western movie in English. It’s called something dumplings. Who would put the word “dumplings” in a movie? I don’t know…
Brio is nowhere to be seen. I think all the aliens hiding in Nevada stole them all just so I couldn’t get one. I love Princes Bride…

Jen - December 19, 2008

Colene, it’s crazy, because I’ve literally seen that movie like 30 times or so, and this week was the first time I had caught that rhyming bit. I’d never noticed it!

Sarah, I am very jealous. But you guys in Canada,I think you do have big snows, unlike those of us in Arkansas, who get jack squat.

Erin, I don’t know if Princess Bride Haters are worthy of our prayers.

Crazy Julia, email me your addy. I will send you a copy of Brio.


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