These Are A Few of My Not So Favorite Things!

We are days away from 2009. Ugh. I cannot believe it.

2008 has been a good year, but there were a few things that I could've done without. So here is my list of “Things That Stink of Zero Eight.”

1. Book four in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. You know sometimes when you read a book or watch a movie, you dislike it, but after you think on it a while it grows on you. Breaking Dawn isn't one of those. So many things disturbed me in this book, but mostly I was bored. And let down. And don't even get me started on the movie. . .

2. Glasses. I wore contacts for YEARS. Then ten years ago this cool new surgery came on the scene promising to change my life. And it totally did. . . but for a rare few it was temporary. Guess who's one of them? (If only I could apply those odds to a Power Ball ticket.) Why can't everything have as much staying power as a tattoo? So in the early days of 2008, I had to get glasses that were “just to wear in the car at night.” And now of course I wear them all the time. If I had known I'd be living in them, I probably wouldn't have gotten them at Wal-Mart optometry…in the kid's section.

3. Braces redux. Do I really have to say anything more? And I thought the perk here was that my orthodontist had gotten an ice cream machine since I had been there the first time. But it was always gross ice cream! Probably laced with fluoride or something.

4. High Cost of Gas. Having to sell a major organ before filling up this year was a little bit of a drag. But at least I don't drive a huge SUV. I would've had to sell the cat.

5. Election Year. TV is just obnoxious during election years. Commercial after commercial of “I approved this message.” (No, really?)  Then there's the mud slinging. The name calling. The lies. The gossip. The punches thrown. Oh, wait. That was my family reunion.

6. Purchasing tires. It is a local mystery why I've had my car six years…and had to purchase four sets of tires. I do all that rotation maintenance stuff! I air them up! I get them balanced! We don't know what I do to them. It's not like I drive my Honda like I'm Knight Rider. Well, at least not on Sundays.

7. Wood peckers. They are a blight on my life and home. Omigosh. I have been fighting the battle of the mighty wood pecker for over seven years. . .and they're winning. I patch, I paint, and they return and drill holes in my house like they have AK-47s for beaks. Apparently it's illegal to shoot them, but…I might be willing to do a little time.

8. No snow. So far I have not had any school closing snow. Normally I can count on one “fake out” that falsely gets my hopes up before the real thing. But so far I've had FOUR fake outs. While we got squat, people around us got glorious snow days, ice, and the raw treachery that should've gone to me!!!! ME!!!!  (But I have already printed out, charted, and cross-referenced the latest Farmer's Almanac prediction for the next few weeks…my hope is not dead yet.)

That's it. That's my negativity purging for the day. But my list of faves for 2008 is twice as long, so stay tuned for that Wednesday.

But in the meantime, anything about 2008 you're glad to see the last of?


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Timothy Fish - December 29, 2008

I’m pretty sure K.I.T.T would take offence to being compared to a Honda.

At this point, I’m glad to see 2008 go. It hasn’t been a bad year, but it has been so busy that it seems like I haven’t had time to sit down and catch my breath. The sad thing is that little of it will matter in the grand scheme of things.

Colenee - December 31, 2008

ill be glad when all the 2008 countdowns are done! world news, entertainment news, shows, weather, etc. “hey guys lets look back at all the things we have already seen!”

jen - December 31, 2008

K.I.T.T. only wishes he could be my Honda. He sure doesn’t want to be in that new show. Have you seen it? I’m embarrassed for him.

Colene, my hometown paper does a review of the previous year by rerunning everything they ran the entire year, including obits. Who wants to see someone’s obit AGAIN?


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