Vacation…I Miss You Already!

Aside from working and being plagued with snot, I have had a great vacation. It was two weeks and three weekends! Pretty nice. There are perks to teaching. Besides enriching minds, inspiring the youth of today, blah, blah, blah.

This weekend I saw Doubt.

I'm not someone who likes serious, sad, or even thought-provoking movies. I deal with serious, sad, and thought-provoking at school. I go to a movie for entertainment. So I wasn't really one hundred percent jazzed about seeing this movie. I was promised I wouldn't see anything of the gross side of a sexual predator. And I didn't. Surprisingly, I loved this movie. I had heard there was Oscar talk for Meryl Streep, and about ten minutes into it you see why. She plays someone so unlike herself, it's amazing. This movie does require a little thinking, but it's also entertaining. It has quite a few literary qualities and plenty of symbolism (mayhaps too much…). It was one of those movies that inspired conversation afterward. And I loved Meryl Streep's accent–though maybe not her outfits. Highly recommended!

I read my first Dean Koontz novel this week. It was Life Expectancy. Nobody made out in the book, and it was still good! I didn't love it, but I did like it. Mostly I had to pat myself on the back for branching out. Geez, a Koontz novel and a serious movie in one week. Obviously I have been sick. Maybe when the drippy nose goes away I'll be back to Nora Roberts and Will Ferrell.

So my cat learned how to properly go down steps this week. He's seven. I've mentioned before that his gray matter has obviously been compromised at some point. He's pretty “special.” For instance when he's outside in the front yard and wants to go to the backyard, he meows on my front porch until I let him in. Then he walks through the living room, through the dining room, straight to the back door, where he sits until I let him out. It's like the front and back yard are in two different worlds to him. I'm pretty sure he believes in portals. But yeah, seven years to figure steps out. This cat probably was probably  a little quicker on the draw.

So back in August when Breaking Dawn came out, I drafted a group of girls to meet me at the midnight release party so we could film a little spoof. I had a nifty new camera, snacks, a script. Everything. Well turns out my tiny new video camera was of the devil. Because it has taken millions of hours, four months, and two (TWO!!!) hired techies to get the files off the freakin' thing and convert them. So I'm pretty sure I'm going to scrap our video, but I did put together a short outtake video. It is SO grainy and low quality, but it was our first venture. Though it is a mockery to quality YouTube's like Staircase Kitty, here it is.

Someone should have told me I was having a bad hair day. But our shirts were cute, eh? The only success of the evening. . .

I am begging Amazon to take my camera back now. So if you have a video camera recommendation–something that is (pretty easily) compatible with MovieMaker and good YouTube quality, PLEASE let me know. I see these teen's videos all the time on Facebook, but I have NO stinkin' idea how they do it. It's like kids are born now with PhD's in technology.

Have a good week.


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Timothy Fish - January 5, 2009

You might check, there may be a short between the keyboard and the chair.

But what would I know? I ditched MovieMaker some time ago.

Becca - January 5, 2009

We bought this before Christmas from Amazon for $269 & love it; it takes great photos & good HD video to 🙂

Bethany Ellis - January 5, 2009

the cat thing rocks…
love the movie! that was awesome!! no clue about suggestions tho for media.. i just use my regular camera when i do movies. lol. :] and they’re not like cut and paste. it’s like listening to someone tell a story or something. pretty boring. lol.

Debbie - January 5, 2009

Hi Jenny!

I love your blog!! It always make me laugh. 🙂

I have to say that I adore the Flip camcorder I got for Christmas. I can record for 30-60 minutes and the quality is terrific! It also comes with a free program that allows you to edit your videos or upload directly to YouTube (among other sites). It’s pretty freakin’ awesome! There aren’t a lot of complicated buttons or instructions. You pop the batteries in and start recording! Sweet. 🙂

Just one idea,

Debbie - January 5, 2009

This is the Flip recorder I have here:

If you look at the bottom of the page, it says “spin your flip” and you can see the back of the flip. It only has a few buttons. So it’s super simple.

Here’s the “family” of flips:

Have fun and feel free to email me if you have questions! 🙂


Sheila - January 5, 2009

Awww! That was so fun! you always were a giggler… wish I had outtakes from Carol..A Christmas… 🙂

Jenny - January 5, 2009

I am the WORST giggler. You should see me at funerals…ugh. My sister in law has the same inappropriate laughing disease. And Sheila…you do too!

Jenny - January 5, 2009

Debbie, those Flips are super cute. Probably really handy!

Stacey - January 6, 2009

Jenny, I just saw this on Give Me My Remote’s Twitter page:

“Trying out Vimeo for uploading personal vids from my Flip camera. I lose so much quality when I upload them to YouTube.”

I thought it may help…

Natalie - January 6, 2009

Loved the video. I thought your hair looked cute! And your t-shirt is, by far, the best I’ve seen. At least there was something good that came from the mindsuck that was Breaking Dawn, right? Ugh. That book. *cringes*

I saw a couple of You Tube vids you need to check out. I forgot the link, but if you go to the search type in Fred and Sharon’s Movies. It should come up with a commercial for the film services this couple provides (I can’t decide if they’re real or joking … it’s almost bad enough to be real). Maybe they can help you with your movie making woes. Also there’s Crazy Bruce’s Liquors. Bruce clearly had a better time on New Year’s Eve than I did.

jen - January 7, 2009

Natalie, have you seen Jeanie (sp?) the soccer mom who interviews people in her minivan? I LOVE her, but it’s never quite appropriate to put on the blog. But she cracks me up. She’s a former SNL writer.


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