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The most amazing, amazing thing happened Thursday. Okay, so like everyone else in the country, it's Arctic cold here in Arkansas. And when I flipped on the weather Wednesday night, Favorite Weather Guy No. 3 said “You could see some flurries, but not enough to count. Zero percent chance of precip this whole week.” So my first thought was, “No precip? What a waste of cold temps.” My second thought as I threw my shoes at the TV, “Wouldn't it be cool if we got this snow overnight that just came out of the blue? I LOVE those!” And then I put it out of my head. We had about as much chance of a tropical hurricane.

So Thursday morning I get this call, “Hey, we're out of school!“  And I just start laughing. “Um…yeah. I'm so sure!”    “No, seriously, check outside. It's snowing!”  And it was! Turns out our school was the ONLY school in the area that closed! It was so crazy. Arkansas is made up of just small towns, you know? So typically if a few towns in the county are out, we're all out. And since I'm at a big school, we're the last to call it. But Thursday…miracle! Somehow, some way, in God's infinite wisdom and coolness, he sprinkled snow JUST over where I live. And we got out of school!!!  My first snow day of the year! And if the almanacs are correct, my only one.

And then I just stayed there in bed for TWO HOURS because I couldn't turn off GMA and the Today show because I love to watch the closings scroll by as they interview couch jumping actors and such. Finally when I saw that we were pretty much the only ones out (which made me a bit sad because I wanted the whole state to stay home like me!), I got up and around. But this, friends, is what comes from much prayer and petition. And wearing your pjs inside out. And sleeping with a spoon under your pillow. And flushing ice cubes down the toilet. And doing a twelve minute snow dance titled “Spandex, Snow, and Tippy-Toes” with your friend Holly under a full moon.

As you can tell from the picture, we didn't get much snow. And people not from Arkansas who live here ALWAYS complain about how freakishly sensitive me are to snow. Yes, I know Denver can get 200 inches of the stuff and still not close school. And us? An inch, and we're calling in the National Guard. But it's not something to scorn. One of our school secretaries said, “I'm from Utah, and we know how to drive in snow, so we don't close things down.” Well, that's the beauty of living in Arkansas. We CHOOSE not to know how to drive in snow. What the heck is the point of living in a state that carries on as normal when you get big snow? There is no point! School and work closing is a source of pride, not ridicule. I'm proud of my state and its snow phobias. Proud. Because the teachers in Utah? Um, at school. Me? On my couch in my sweats.

As mentioned before, my mentally challenged cat has been deprived of outdoors for almost all of his seven years. Here he is checking out the snow for the first time.

“What is this crap? Ew, cold paws! Cold paws!”

And on point doing his bird dog impression.

He may come in from outside to use his litter box, but apparently he's smart enough to do dog imitations. You should see his pit bull. Or maybe he's imitating his cat cousin, Bunny, who only has three legs.

But I don't shun the white stuff. This is how I feel about snow.

And this.

I hope you have a great weekend. I'm going to be writing and writing and writing and writing.


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Tammy - January 16, 2009

hahaha Jenny that was sooo funny!
Keep up the good work!
Love reading your blogs! =]

Chen - January 16, 2009

Thank God that you finally got your snow day — and near a weekend too, so you can stay home for four days. I’d love it if California was hit by a freak snowstorm. Not that it’d make any difference, I’m a homeschooler. Enjoy the white weekend!

P.S. Ditto on the writing…

Shauna - January 16, 2009

I’m glad you finally got your snow day!

Dawn - January 16, 2009

We have not had a snow day in South Carolina for years! But we keep hope alive that one day it will happen for us again. We LOVE it that everything has to shut down except for emergency stuff.

Jessica Epps - January 16, 2009

Yah for snow days! I’m very happy for you Jen! Good luck with your writing this weekend.

Colene - January 16, 2009

ok. as much as i detest cold i pretty much loved seeing snow…ill admit it! if its going to be ridiculously cold it may as well snow and be pretty! congrats on the random snow day. and your kitty is cute. and im with you. im from south alabama where ive seen it snow there maybe 3 times in the 20 years i lived there. that stuff is its own holiday man. i couldnt live somewhere where it was just another day! thats insane!!!there should be parades and parties and presents.

Sarah - January 17, 2009

I’m in SW MO, so everyone freaks out about the littlest of snow here too. I wouldn’t mind if they would close everything but the library! Shouldn’t we get snow days too?
I’m glad you got a snow day finally. I hope you enjoyed it!:)

Jessica Sibert - January 17, 2009

Oh yah I was so surprised to see that we had gotten off of school. I had already curled my hair and everything!!!

Jenny - January 17, 2009

Thanks for the congrats, everyone. Snow…it’s a big deal. (But ice is better!)

Chen, you have to admit a serious drawback to home schooling is lack of snow days. Despite the fact that you live in CA, you should negeotiate this. If school is closed in say…Missouri or Kansas…no home school! And googling the national weather…geography class.

Dawn, I’ve been wanting to visit S. Carolina, but if you rarely get snow then clearly I cannot live there. Good to know…

See, Colene! It was pretty, wasn’t it?!

Sarah, on snow days, just close the teen section. You’re the boss of it!

Jessica S, I have never seen a snow day called so late in all of my life! It was COOL!

snow thirsty - January 18, 2009

ok so im happy you have gotten sym snow if only it was the same for me…… down way down here in georgia…. no snow yet. but yesterday there was a little but it melted before it hit the ground, my dad was telling me it wasnt gonna really be snow like the year before, and i told him it could happen . and it didn’t. i was wrong. oh how i hate to be wrong. that dog video was awsome… i wish i had snow like that! im still waiting….


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