I Love Spring More Than You

It's FRIDAY!!! OMIGOSH. I'm so excited. I have next week off. I mean, I hate to rub it in, but I HAVE NEXT WEEK OFFFFFF!!!! I'm so psyched for a break. And so are my students. They were CRAZY this week. And crazy students equals psycho hag teacher. Seriously, at the end of a few of these days, I was like, “I should not be around children right now.” When they know a break is coming, they just all get ADHD. I wanted to pass out Ritalin like Jolly Ranchers.

Very sad news about Natasha Richardson. And if I have my facts straight (which means I'm probably wrong), she was injured on the bunny slope. How crazy is that? I don't know why this event bothered me, but I'm always impressed with celebs who live their life under the radar. Just proves it IS possible. Poor Liam. And her kids. And Vanessa. And the twins from Parent Trap.

So I watched Castle and really liked it. You can see it here on HULU. I love Hulu! It's so handy. Minus the commercials that you can't fast forward through. But it's still quicker to watch because you only get maybe 30 seconds of commercials. I thought Castle was cool with all the author references. Like at one point the author is telling his poker buddies (real authors James Patterson and Steven J. Cannell, which CRACKED me up) what's going on in this real mystery and how it's not quite right. And they two authors are like, “That's not a story. It's too clean. It's too simple. Where are your twists?” And so by using his writing skills, the author cracks the mystery! Sorta. Well, he helps. But I really liked it. Whedonites will want to boil me alive for this, but I've never been a Nathan Fillion fan (okay, the Mr. Horrible's mini blog movies swayed me a tiny bit, but he was a freak job in a few episodes of the worst season ever of Buffy, and I never forgave him or the entire creative staff of Buffy the Manic Depressive), but he really does sizzle in this. I think arrogance is a hot quailty. . .in a fictional character. In real life people it makes you want to deliver roundhouse kicks to the face.

Did you know they are advising libraries to throw out old children's books because they may have lead in them? But tests are showing that you'd have to probably lick the pages to get the toxins. So you can't say you have not been warned. Do not lick that old copy of Cat in the Hat. I had to put mine away. It was just too much temptation. But I may bring them to school. . .

For those of you watching Idol, what did you think about Adam's “Ring of Fire?” It creeped me out. But I haven't quite figured that boy out yet. I think Randy was right–it was trendy. That style is so in with my kids (appearance AND music style), but a good portion of it was like screaming kitties type of thing. It was just too much of the drama and smoldering eyes for me. Does anyone stand out to you yet as a major star? At least Paula's face had de-puffed. But the girl fights between Paula and Simon? Ugh. (See note above about roundhouse kicks to the face.)

If you guys could go anywhere on spring break, where would you go? I think this week I'd pick Nantucket. I've always wanted to go there. Every year one of my kids does a speech on the place, and I'm always like niiiice. New  York City would be fun too. This time a few years ago, I took my mom, aunt, some other adults, and like 25 kids to NYC on a “field trip.” It was so much fun. Except we went to the St. Patrick's Day parade and lost my aunt. In the midst of 16,000 people. She had to stop and ask a firefighter where she was. He had no pants on. Just a kilt. I always thought she probably got distracted by all the men's naked legs. But it was IMPOSSIBLE to keep all of us together. Thank God I didn't lose a kid. We saw Lion King (half my kids fell asleep) and the evil lion was the husband of Paige from Trading Spaces.That was the only celebrity we saw. I remember we had Q and A time afterwards with the cast, and I was like, “Oooh!Oooh! Me! Me!”
“Are you married to Paige from Trading Spaces?”

Really meaningful conversation. Oh, and they had record snow there in March too. Which made walking 7-8 miles a day interesting. So maybe I'd pick somewhere a little beachier this time.

A few quick things before I go.
1. Airline name on the Simpson's Ireland episode Sunday night: Derry Air
2. Bumper sticker on a car I saw this week: Honk if I'm paying your mortgage.

Have a great weekend!!! I know I will!


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Bethany Ellis - March 20, 2009

Lucky duck! YAY for spring break 😉

I saw that bumper sticker, too! Very funny.

I’d say I’d wanna go to New Hampshire. My parents grew up there, but my grandparents have moved to the south, except for my grandfather, who lives there and the south at the same time-ish. It’s complicated. But anyway, I hadn’t been there since I was like 3, but we went for a family reunion in 07 and I had so much fun. It’s so beautiful there! However, it was the fall. It’s probably too cold right now for my taste ;). But I was hoping maybe this summer we’d get to go.. maybe call it my “Senior Trip!” Hope so 🙂

Carra - March 20, 2009

So do you actually get to take a break during break or do you have to furiously type away at the next novel?

And I really think that if you saw Firefly (all 14 eps of it), you would really like Nathan Fillion. His character, Mal, is great. And the series isn’t too sci-fi-y. Or you could just watch the follow-up movie Serenity (though the series is great).

And if I still had spring break, I would love to do a road trip up/down the east coast. I’ve never been there before, and I think it would be lovely.

Colene - March 20, 2009

Italy. totally. been on a weird “I wanna go to Italy NOW” kick. i donno why.
in the US? wait. Mexico. bump US vacations.

anyway, have a great Spring Break!

P.S. i think celebrities need to cut skiing from their recreational agendas all together. it didn’t work out for Sunny, that Kennedy, or Natasha.

Hannah - March 20, 2009

Yay! Glad you liked “Castle”. The author’s arrogance is great for his character, but if something like that happened in real-life and the guy was that cocky — ugh, he’d deserve a tazer to the head.

Nantucket sounds nice. I was going to say that Alaska sounds good, too, but after hearing about that woman dying in a ski accident, I’m thinking anywhere with snow isn’t gonna be on the top of my Places to Visit list.

Debbie - March 20, 2009

Come visit me in warm, sunny South Carolina, Jenny! There is no snow here and best of all it’s a breezy 64 degrees with a very blue sky! Yay for spring! 🙂

Also, my nine year old sister just came into my bedroom to borrow The Big Picture as I was typing this. She’s read the first two books in the series already, lol.

Have a great spring break! 😉


Rachael - March 20, 2009

I JUST GOT THE BIG PICTURE FROM THE LIBRARY!!!!!!! Took it long enough too….It’ll be finished before the night’s out. But then I’ll be sad that it’s over.

That sucks about the skiing accident. I’ve always wanted to go skiing…Maybe they should’ve named the Bunny slope, the Killer Rabbit…..

I’d like to go….somewhere warm, but not like really hot…I want to go to Europe sometime…but not this spring break. Texas would be fun too. Btw, is there actually a town called In Between? Cuz that’d be awesome….

Jen AlLee - March 20, 2009

Not a Nathan Fillion fan, huh? You didn’t mention Firefly, so I’m assuming you haven’t seen it. Take a gander if you have time. It might push you over the Fillion edge.

Dr. Horrible is awesome! Who knew Doogie Howser could sing like that?

Speaking of singing… I’m one of the few adults I know of who actually enjoyed Adam’s performance. But then, I enjoy Meatloaf (the singer, not the food). I’m a sucker for a theatrical perfomance.

Enjoy your spring break, and don’t go chewing on any picture books ;+}

Jenny B. Jones - March 21, 2009

Jen, that just means you’re cool. That song was really trendy in style. I’ll be really interested to see what he does this week! And I know–I have GOT to watch Firefly. I’ve been hearing the raves for years.

Rachael, so glad you found The Big Picture!!! No town called In Between…that we know of. : )

Debbie, one day I’m definitely gonna visit S.C. I’ve never been to the Carolinas!

Hannah, I hear Alaska is beautiful, so that’s a great pick!

Colene, if I was a celebrity, I’d totally avoid skiing. And you go to Italy and report back. A friend of mine went and loved it.

Carra, everyone should get a spring break. It should be mandatory. And I am working on my vacation, but at least I’m not at school AND writing!

Bethany, NH is on my list too. I need family there so I can drop in and visit. : )

Dawn - March 22, 2009

I love Castle – it’s quirky and odd. Just my thing.

If you figure Adam out, please let us know. My mom thinks he looks like Elvis. I thought Ring of Fire would dampen his appeal, but she said he had a “bad night” and even Elvis had those sometimes.

Joe McClung - March 23, 2009

Thanks for the comment…..jerk

chip - March 23, 2009

Just so we’re clear, going without pants isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a guy. Even a firefighter.

Jenny B. Jones - March 23, 2009

Yes, Joe, it’s too sad Missouri schools don’t have a spring break. I cried all day over your loss.

No, Chip, a pantsless man isn’t the worst thing that could happen. . .

Cocoa - March 23, 2009

You guys are lucky your spring break is this week. Mine’s already over with! We went to Memphis from Thursday to Saturday… that was an interesting trip, to say the least.

And I agree that Adam’s performance bordered on strange. No, scratch that. Disturbing is a better word. Anyways, my mom was kind of on the fence about the matter, but my dad absolutely despises Adam now. So, just to annoy him, I located his version of the song on YouTube and played it full blast. I’ve never Dad look so angry.

Jessica Epps - March 28, 2009

Thank you for not sharing about your NYC trip when you chased Chris Daultry down the street. I’m still embarrassed for you!

Cocoa - March 30, 2009

Wait. You chased Chris Daughtry down the street and you didn’t tell us? Aw, c’mon! I want details!


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