Much Ado About a Contest

“My Aunt Jenny is the BEST!”

This is going to be short and sweet today. I’m at the Tulsa zoo with some friends, my sister-in-law, and my sweet niece and nephew. My three-and-a-half year old niece has a strange fascination with reptiles (and not the looking from a distance type of obsession), and so the day should be interesting.

“She seriously is. She never makes us eat our vegetables!”

My friend and fellow author Natalie Lloyd has a new blog up that I love. You can check it out HERE. I’m super excited for her new nonfiction book Paperdoll. Natalie is one funny girl and is a former Brio staff writer.

So in lieu of anything intelligent to say today (I am, after all on Spring Break, so no thinking allowed, I say), let’s do a contest. Um…winner gets their choice of the new Martina McBride CD, the new Keith Urban CD (out next week, and I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it (name that song reference)), Relentless by Natalie Grant, which released in February OR…the new Twilight DVD. (gag) (Oops! Did I say that out loud?)

Okay, so to enter, here is what you need to do. Please tell me your all-time favorite book (cannot say any author whose last name starts with a J and rhymes with scones. That’s just suck-upage). And give me one sentence or two why you love it. I’ll randomly draw TWO WINNERS on Friday. So get those lists in by Thursday evening!!

I’ll go first. My favorite book–oh, wait, let’s not say the Bible either (sorry, Jesus). That’s a given for many of you, and once one person says it everyone will feel this pressure to mention it. Like, “Oh, I won’t look holy if now I say Are you There God It’s Me Margaret. What compares with the Bible? Probably not a story about a girl who figures out the ways and means of girl business.”

My favorite books are Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts because it’s so funny and real and yet touching.  GREAT characters. Great names.  A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck because it’s funny (see a pattern?) and it has SUCH great characters. My favorite character of all time is in there. Oh, and I love Much Ado About Nothing by Billy S. I’m honestly not a Shakespeare fan (says the former English teacher who somehow knew she never quite belonged…), but Much Ado has to be one of my favorite all time stories EVER. Sassy dialogue, amazing put-downs (always the mark of a stellar piece of literature), ideal foil characters in Benedict and Beatrice, and tons of humor and romantic tension. And the movie version by Kenneth B. is FABULOUS. When I taught ninth grade English, we would quietly boycott Romeo and Juliet , something you’re forced by gunpoint to teach if you live in Arkansas, and I would teach Much Ado instead. Then of course, show the movie. OMG, loved it. I also love a book called Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. It’s a romance, but it’s so smart and brilliantly funny. I’ve made all my friends read it. I think I’ve read it three times just this year. But I don’t recommend that to anyone under 21. Okay, 18.

I better stop. I could go on all day. Oh, wait, I loved A Girl Named Zippy, which amazing agent Chip MacGregor introduced me to. It’s nonfiction, but I liked it anyway! It’s laugh out loud funny, and written so well, I just wanted to die. Well, not die. But maybe have a small coronary. Or one of those mini-strokes. Or at least go work at Burger King the rest of my life because I was so unworthy.

Seriously, I’m going to shut up now. So yeah, tell me the book and why you love it to the point of wanting to marry it.

See you Friday!