Mortals No Longer Necessary

Loving your “favorite teacher” comments! Keep them coming. If you want to be put in the running for a free copy of So Not Happening, just follow the directions HERE. You have until Thursday evening.

So I’ve never downloaded an American Idol song in my life. Last week I downloaded Kris Allen’s cover of the song from Once and have played it until I feel a little gaggy now when I hear it. I have worn it out. I think it’s better than the original by far. AND Kris is from Arkansas! I just put that together last week. (I’m just now tuning in for the most part.) Not only that, but he’s from Conway, where I went to college my first year and a half before packing up my ancient dorm room and coming back home to the lovely University of Arkansas. (Here’s a tip…don’t pick your college based on a half day visit. Or just because it’s in close proximity to a movie theater and a restuarant that makes some tasty cheese dip.)

I don’t even know what I was searching for on Amazon, but somehow I found this.

The Classic Regency Romance. Now with Ultra-violent Zombies!” Pride and Prejudice and ZOMBIES? What the heck? And the weird thing…it makes me want to order it. I thought about making my main character, Isabella Kirkwood, from So Not Happening, a zombie. But I went with a brain-sucking alien instead. I thought there were more romantic possibilities between her and the dragon love interest that way. But you have to read really close to see this secret, immortal part of them. And backwards. If you read the book backwards aloud, it’s totally there. If you read it normally, she’ll just be a typical human girl.

So due to a messed up schedule and standarized testing, we watched Princess Bride in class today. One of my classes liked it. One did not and found other things to do (about made my head spin off my neck). And one watched intently…but didn’t get any of the jokes. It’s very disheartening. And how ungrateful is that? Princess Bride in class? Come on! When I was in school and we got to see a movie, it was always some lame, moral-filled, after-school special type thing that would have a ridiculous title like “Betty’s Self-Esteem Makes Her Beautiful.” Or “Daddy Isn’t Coming Back and My Life is Ruined.” Or “Good Girls Don’t Shoplift.”  But anything to avoid another worksheet. And I’m happy to say…I’ve yet to shoplift, so maybe it was not all for cheesy naught. Now I wish they would’ve shown us a movie called, “Reasons You Shouldn’t Grow Up to Eat Ridiculous Amounts of Sugar and Other Overly Processed Food.”

At the risk of beating a dead horse called Britain’s Got Talent,  have you seen this boy?  I love that middle judge’s reactions. They’re just so…genuine. As we say in the south, that kid can SANG.

Some of you have already emailed me and asked me if I knew someone was out there writing books for adults under my name. It’s me!!! Here’s a sneak peek of the cool cover of my women’s fiction book coming out in September called Just Between You and Me.

I love this cover. I heart it for a lot of reasons, but I especially like  it because it’s an official CWHM. I don’t want to get technical on you, but that stands for Cover With Hot Man. It’s true. Check him out in the background. He has cool jeans on and everything. The fact that he’s a merman-werewolf hybrid is really gonna cause some problems for the CWGH (chick with good hair). It’s also gonna be a Women of Faith novel for 2010!!! I feel very blessed about that. So blessed I’ll probably change the merwolf back to a human. Even though I am feeling pretty smug that NO ONE has had a merwolf character yet. It was gonna be my thing. I should pray over this…

Speaking of books, I’m really excited about this book by suspense author Brandilyn Collins and her daughter Amberly.

If you haven’t read any of Brandilyn’s “Seatbelt Suspense” novels, you are missing out. I’m not really a suspense girl, and I loved her last book, Dark Pursuit. Now she and her daughter are teaming up for a cool YA series about Shaley, the daughter of a rockstar. (How cool would that be? Unless he was like still stuck in the 80s and had big hair and tight, spandex pants. Ew. But that’s NOT this dad.)  The Collins ladies also have a great contest going on where you can “live like a rockstar.” You can check it out HERE.

Have a great rest of the week. Don’t forget to enter the contest for a free copy of the alien-free, vampire-free, zombie-free version of So Not Happening.