I Am A Warrior

This weekend was one of my favorite events of the year–the Race for the Cure. It is so much fun. My friend, Holly the Snow Dance Queen, and I have been planning our shirts for months. We knew we wouldn't be placing first with our walking/running/sauntering times, so we wanted to totally dominate with our shirts. And…dominate we did.

Boob Warriors! We Save Them All, Big or Small.

Our t-shirts were the hit of the race. I cannot tell you how many people came up to us and either took pics of us or just told us how much they liked our shirts. One woman came up to my sister in law (far left) and said, “I have to take a picture of your chest.” And she did. My friend Holly and I both had the same sentiment when we crossed the finish line: We must do even better next year. It will be a hard challenge. I think Holly's idea to do the shirts on camo just made it.

My mom and aunt did not want me to share this portion of the story, but we nearly missed the race. My sister-in-law said they weren't the Boob Warriors. They were the Free Crap Warriors. See, all these vendors are there with booths, handing out free stuff like cups, koozies, pencils, tampons (I kid you not), food, etc. And my mom and aunt just go crazy over this stuff. So we got there about 30 minutes before the race was to start, and they began hitting all the booths. These ladies went to town. They get the stuff for their grandkids (or so they say–and no, not the feminine products).

And things were really confusing this year at the Komen. Nobody really knew for sure where to go or when exactly things started. Well…we missed the beginning of the race. And so finally, after my mom and aunt had like two giant bags of stuff each, my SIL and I took it all back to the car (and got lost)…

Where are we? My arms are about to fall off!

FINALLY we went to walk. And just followed the crowd.

Ten minutes later…we were done. I was like, um…this isn't right. My mom laughed and said, “Wow, we've really improved since last year.”  “Yes,” Laura agreed. “We're really good.”

Seems we got in the walk for people with either really short attention spans or no endurance whatsoever. But we finished and all breathed really heavy when we came in so people would think we had done the whole 5k. My friend Holly and her group (who actually went where they were supposed to and did the 5k) ran the last few seconds. It looked really authentic.

This was my favorite booth. It just spoke to me.

It said, “Hi. I'm Dove chocolate. Come grab me by the handfuls.” And I obeyed.

The Race for the Cure is for everyone. Lots of dogs there this year. They had their own race, but of course, some went on the 5k too.

That's not a hairy baby in that sling. It's a dog.

This dog just sat right down in the middle of the finish line.

I mean, he just stopped abruptly and sprawled on the ground like, “Nope. I am not going a step further. This is it. I'm done.” His owner had to coax him up. Maybe he was protesting that none of the vendors catered to him. I mean what's HE gonna do with a razor and maxi-pad?

Before we finalized our shirts, someone told Holly that our shirts weren't dignified and kind of a dishonor to victims and survivors of breast cancer. My mom is a breast cancer survivor and she is ALWAYS up for a fun shirt. Race day definitely confirmed sophisticated dignity was not the order of the day.

Even kids get involved!

It was a great day to people watch too. My prize picture would have to be…the mullet.

Face covered to protect the decade-confused and the Achy Breaky die-hards.

This next picture is Afro-Tastic!

The secret to breast cancer could be found in my hair!

In those hard, hard moments on that ONE MILE where I thought about giving up and quitting, it was signs like this that gave me the will to keep going.

Those truffle bars are good, by the way. They were handing them out. My SIL said that even though they were only 100 calories each, we probably didn't walk even one bar off. Since it was a hopeless situation, I had two.

Also, this might be tacky to trash a product on my blog, but DO NOT get this stuff.

I put it on before the race (and my family didn't like how I did this while driving. I don't know why), and it is almost solid. It has the same consistency of squeezing out some Elmer's on your arms. Goes on like glue and leaves paint strokes of white. I had to scrub down with my Dasani. And then I was sticky all day. I almost couldn't focus on eating my ice cream.

Yoplait was filming people talking about running.

Um, the Komen excluded, I run because my stupid friend Leslie makes me, and it's pretty much torture and I just wish exercise came in a pill. They didn't seem to want that on tape though.

Here's another favorite pic.

This would be Dan Skoff, one of our local weather guys. I don't know if you've figured this out by now, but I have HUGE crushes on weather guys. Not like “I Want To Date You and I Don't Care If You're Married, We Belong Together” sort of way. Just in a “When You Report School Closing Snow, I Get A Little Overheated” sort of way. Anyway, Dan is one of my faves because he gets excited about snow too. The other guys are always like, “I'm sorry, but unfortunately we have some bad weather coming in.”  That is so negative and disrespectful! But not Dan. Whenever he tell us we're not gonna have school, I just want to send him a personal check. Anyway, he was there reporting the weather. I blew him kisses. In my mind.

The Race for the Cure is such a fun atmosphere. It's just one big party. If there is one close by, you MUST go. You will not regret it, even if you miss most of the walk/run like we did! Because you get to hang out with cool people, eat free food, be Free Crap Warriors, and support a cause that is changing lives. And…you make it a tradition like we do! And every tradition in our family of course revolves around food. Here's how we like to cap off our successful walk.

Whew! All that cardio has left me depleted. Must refuel with biscuits and gravy!

Stay tuned Wednesday for more give-away info! Also you can catch me and So Not Happening today at the super cool website YAfresh. Love that site!

Go Team!!!


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Tabitha - April 27, 2009

My friend Ashley went to the race for the cure. She said there was a crawl for the cure where a bunch of babies crawled for a few feet. I thought that would be cute to see. Although kind of cruel. What baby would actually be happy doing that??

Heather - April 27, 2009

I think I have at least 4 full bags of Dove chocolate. I’m set for…about a week…maybe! Been passing out your bookmarks today…about half already gone!

Holly - April 27, 2009

Next year we will make sure you get in the right race….or at least start the right one, even if you are 30 minutes late like we were!

Colene - April 27, 2009

no one can write about exercise and make it funny like you. kudos on the good deeding and stuff grabbery. looks like a lot of fun.

Hannah - April 28, 2009

Love your t-shirt slogan! You guys have a challenge thinking up a better one for next year. And loved seeing the pics of copious amounts of chocolate; reminds me, I need to finish up the Dove in my fridge…

9x02.header.us - September 5, 2017

I’m hiv pstv and i’m 13weeks pregnant whn shuld i start this atroiza pill?

6doj.header.us - September 5, 2017

Oh my. These brownies look absolutely lovely and delicious! I don’t think brownies can really get better than this!


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