Book Giveaway Wednesday

Happy mid-week!

So my friend just called and she’s traveling for business in Texas. She said, “You would not believe what I just passed. You have to pull this up on the Internet.” So of course, I did. Here’s what I saw. And it even has a fun story to go with it! It’s strange, isn’t it? If I won 49 million in the lottery, I wouldn’t buy tee pees.

I just got my copies of Just Between You and Me !!!! I get all giddy when the UPS guy rings my doorbell. Walking to the mailbox is still a highlight of my day. I just love getting stuff on a daily basis–like a new magazine (one of my 200 health/fitness mags that I pretend to read), a new Pottery Barn catalog (that I’ll never buy anything from because the shipping costs more than my couch), or a belated birthday card (it’s never too late to send those). But getting a couple boxes of your book is an awesome feeling.

You can read one of our first reviews on Just Between You and Me HERE. Thanks, Rel!

This book is quite different from the others I’ve written. First of all, it’s not YA. So a teenager is not the lead actress here. Maggie Montgomery is the big 3-0. And it packs a little more of a spiritual punch than say the Bella Kirkwood books. It’s funny, one thing I’ve learned with So Not Happening, book one in A Charmed Life series, is that it’s not EVEN possible to please everyone with the level of faith in the book. If you read the reviews on Amazon, you’ll see the whole gamut–people who are upset there isn’t more God, people who read the same book and found there to be too much God, and of course, my favorites–the ones who said, ‘This is just right.” (Probably people I’m related to. Checks forthcoming…)  So it will be interesting to see the response to Just Between Me and You in terms of the faith thread. And the alien battle in the last chapter. And the mermen on page 173. And then there’s Elvis’s appearance when the main character learns she can shoot fire out her armpits. Yep. Really interested in see the reaction.

So the book is about Maggie, who travels the world as a cinematographer for a travel channel. She’s been everywhere, but the place that is the scariest of all to her–home. Maggie hasn’t done anything more than make a brief stop at home every now and then since graduation. But a family crisis demands her return to Ivy, Texas. When she’s there, she’s itching to get back on the road and rack up some more frequent flier miles. So the question of the week is…if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? (Let’s say you won 49 million in the lottery, and after you bought your Tee Pee Hotel, you had some Benjamins left over.) I think right now I’d go to Greece. Then Italy. Or vice-versa. What about you? Leave a comment and let me know. You have from now until Sunday afternoon after church, yet before NASCAR to enter. One winner will be drawn and announced on Monday’s blog.

Have you seen THIS CLIP on YouTube of the latest phenom on the X Factor, Britain’s American Idol? He’s really good, eh? I didn’t like it when he got a little too comfortable and less humble, but we’ll see how he does. I’d vote for a teacher any day.

I’m already compiling a list of student quotes. Here’s one I posted on Facebook this week. Story from a ninth grader: “A long time ago I was on the monkey bars. A friend made me laugh. I peed my pants.”  I’m trying to enlarge that plot for my next novel. I think it has potential.

Have a great rest of the week. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me your dream vacation location. And remember, you won the imaginary lottery, so imaginary money is not an issue for your imaginary vacation.