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First of all, don't forget you can win copies of Just Between You and Me HERE on my blog and HERE on Novel Journey.

Second of all, how did I EVER live without YouTube?

This cat is nuts.

Hey, cat. You're supposed to hate water. Just a tip.

You know, sometimes you just have an itch and can't reach it. Not a problem for this dog.

This dog is totally better than Michael Flatley.

On a random note, I have a student who has a brother (still with me?) who tours with Lord of the Dance and is poised to take over when Flatley retires. (YouTube him if you don't know Lord of the Dance.) Isn't that cool?

Here's a cat whose owner left out the catnip and his cat is high on the green stuff. That cat moved more in that one clip than my Miller has in his entire existence.

I think this kitty has had one too many bad swirly experiences.

I can't even think of a proper caption for this jewel.

But I love that woman's laugh in the background.

I swear I've watched this one 20 times.

Did you see the Whitney Houston interview on Oprah? That woman has some problems. She does seem to be more peaceful and–dare I say it–off the coke. But is she still clueless or what?  How could the woman who sang the line “The greatest love of all is in inside of me” let a man slap her, let a man spit in her face WHILE her daughter witnessed then tell Oprah, “He wasn't physically abusive.” Um….okay.  I did appreciate how bold she was about talking about her faith, quoting scripture, etc. But it made me cringe when Oprah asked why she stayed with abusive, addicted Bobby for 14 years, and Whitney said because she'd made a vow to God to stay married forever.Like Christians don't get a bad rap as it is. You don't stay with a beater/slapper/spitter. Finally Whitney's mama yanked her daughter out of that situation and told her, “You gotta make a decision.” Also in the interview I noticed that Whitney repeats everything she says twice. Whitney repeats everything she says twice.

The FCC is reopening (or re-re-reopening?) the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction case from Superbowl 2004. I would put that in Roman numerals, but nobody really ever knows what number it is. Um, FCC, I just want to say there is a boob statute of limitations. And while back in the day, I wanted to see Janet and JT slapped with a big fine, that was 5 years ago. And in 2009? I don't care. I can think of better people to fine. Like whoever put calories in candy bars. Or the Wal-Mart clerk that let me buy that industrialized sized bag of mini candy bars to share at a conference, but so far I've eaten almost all of them. FINE! Hefty, hefty fine. Or MTV for just existing past 1993. FINE! Or the person who invented toll roads. Or whoever made those plastic ready-to-eat salad containers that I ALWAYS cut my hand on. Every. Single. Time. I've got a cut from a container of mixed greens that looks like my finger's daub of Neosporin away from amputation. (THIS is why I shouldn't eat salads. Cereal never hurts me.) Who would you fine?

Did anyone watch The Biggest Loser? What did you think? Who are you rooting for? I'm tuning in this season. I'm a TBL newbie. Never watched it. I used to love Celebrity Fit Club. I hope I like Fit Club for Regular Joes (aka TBL) as well.  I know that woman who lost her two kids and husband in a wreck BLEW me away. I cannot even imagine. How do you live after that? How do you drag yourself out of bed after that? That takes some serious strength. I'm so proud of that lady.

Have a great weekend. Monday I'll announce the winners of the Just Between You and Me giveaway. And I'll share about my exciting, exciting weekend. It's a good one!


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Carra - September 18, 2009

I would fine the television execs who cancel great shows (Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, and Firefly, for example). I think I would also have to fine people who talk about inappropriate things at an obnoxiously loud volume on their cell phones in public. Please, people–there are some things better left unshared at high volume while standing in line at a grocery store.

Side note: I’ve checked Novel Journey a few times this week and have yet to see your lovely face or read any witty remarks about your muse. Did I miss something?

Sherry - September 18, 2009

I did not se TBL, but last night was the first episode for Survivor. This could be a real interesting season, one guy took and dumped out everyones water, and even took someones sock and burned it (all while everyone was sleeping).
I am also waiting for Amazing Race. I love that show. It is so cool to get a “mini” cultural/social history of various parts of the world.
The other new show we saw this week is Crash Course, it is where teams of 2 drive special cars and purposely flip them over and see how far they will slide, or driving in reverse while towing (pushing) a boat through an obstical course. WARNING “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME”

Cassidy - September 18, 2009

Oh my gosh! I would fine the people that put very bad things in food just to make them taste good! They know that good food is very addicting to some people and if you eat enough of it you can become very sick! I mean come on! What is that about? Gosh. It’s so frustrating.
I like “The Biggest Loser”, but I’ve only watched a couple of episodes before. I never know when it’s coming on or anything. I’m starting to watch “Survivor” again. That show is pretty awesome. And I absolutely love “Wipeout”. That show is hilarious! If you haven’t seen it then you totally need to! I think the season finale just came though. I’m very sad.
And that lady that lost her kids and husband? Wow. That is super amazing and inspiring. God is totally looking out for her.
Anyway. I hope you have a great weekend! Peace!

Alli - September 19, 2009

I wish I could watch the you tube movies but my computer isn’t fast enough.:( Thank goodness for television. Hope your weekend is better then mine is turning out to be.

Mary - September 19, 2009

okay I’m a seasoned TBL watcher — I like the girl who lost her family, just her tenacity makes me love her. There are a couple of others that caught my eye, but don’t know yet. A TBL tidbit — everyone is all lovey and sweet and votes with their heart. Later, they’ll become a bit more strategic, but you never know who’ll win. It’s fun to watch — really fun if you watch while eating a bowl of ice cream.

As for the fines — let’s fine the people who think a “serving” of ice cream is 1/4 cup — please!

Apparently, this is my ice cream themed post for the day.

Erin - September 21, 2009

The goat caption would have to include Gene Simmons with that tongue…and the parallel between him and an old goat is just tooooo easy.


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