A Better Peek at I’m So Sure

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You know whenever authors give sneak peeks of books, it’s always chapter one. How boring and predictable is that? Sometimes nothing even happens in chapter one! So today to celebrate the release of I’m So Sure, I’m having a little contest and also showing you a chapter from the MIDDLE of the book. (Wow…)

Okay, so this week’s contest. To be the oh-so-lucky winner of a copy of I’m So Sure, you must answer the following question: What is a movie you could watch over and over? Before you answer, think about it. Because this isn’t necessarily your favorite movie. The movie I could watch over and over right now (it changes) is Nacho Libre. I can also watch The Holiday multiple times without wanting to yack on my own shoes. But these are not quite my favorite movies. (But very close.)  You have until this Friday to leave a comment with your answer. Friday night at 6:51:23 pm. Can’t wait to hear your answers.

I’m So Sure, Chapter 14

I slow my skates. “Look, Luke, I’ve had a hard day of slinging tacos. Why don’t you find your girlfriend and talk to her?”

That annoying smile returns to his face. The one he always gets when I mention Taylor the Genius Girlfriend. “She just left to meet some friends.”

I return to ignoring him. Doesn’t the Bible say if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? No, wait. Not the Bible. My mom? The fortune cookie I ate last week?

“Bella.” Luke’s hand on my arm stops us both.

Couples swish around us as I study Luke’s face. There’s something there I can’t define.

“I’m not mad at you, Luke. I just wanted some time to skate.” I stare up at the sky and let the flakes collection my lashes. “This makes me miss Manhattan, and I want it soak it all up.”

“I saw you talking to Anna.”

“You could’ve told me you were working with Budge and the police.”

He runs a hand through his black hair. “This isn’t your mystery to solve.”

“She asked me to clear her name.”

“I should think that car running us off the road would be enough motivation for you to stay out of it.”

“What, so you can be in danger, but I can’t?”

“You almost got killed the last time you stuck your nose in something here at Truman High.”

“Luke Sullivan…I think you’re worried about me.” Now it’s my turn for the sly grin.

His face is impassive. “You have a new assignment for the paper. I want you to interview sophomore Tracey Sniveley. She was student of the month.”

“No! You’re just trying to weasel me out of the missing funds story. Besides, Tracey Sniveley is that girl who has like thirty cats. And she smells like yams.”

“I’m the editor, and right now we have no missing funds story. And last time I checked, we still had a paper to publish.”

“Don’t shut me out of this. Anna came to me to clear her name. Ruthie came to me to get to the bottom of this. Not you.”

He pulls us to the side of the rink. “Ruthie McGee? What does she have to do with this?”

“Oh, gee. I’m sorry. But that’s something I’m working on all by myself.” I bat my lashes. “Can’t tell you.”

I skate away and rejoin Lindy and Matt. Since they aren’t in the throes of one big make-out session, I assume that Lindy didn’t declare her true feelings to her BFF, and Matt didn’t tell Lindy she’s the milk in his Cheerios.

An hour later, much of the crowd has gone home. I say goodbye to my friends, grab my purse, and walk to my car.

The Bug glistens with a diamond frost, and as I stick my key in the door, I notice it’s unlocked.

That’s funny. I always lock it. no, this isn’t the backstreets of New York where they’ll strip your car down to the caps, but still, a girl has to be careful

Suddenly I’m ery aware of how alone I am out in the gravel parking lot. Just me and a few cars.

I quickly open the door, and there on the seat is a piece of pink paper. The type is in a jagged font.

Bella, I’m warning you to mind your own business. I’d hate to see you get caught in the path of what I want. Nothing will stop me–not even you.

A chill snakes down my spine.

And a hand settles on my shoulder.

I scream into the night air and jump straight up, my hands slapping out. “Back off! I know Pilates!”

“Bella.” Luke grabs my hands and pins them to his chest. “Bella!”

I melt into him and sigh in relief. “I totally knew it was you. I did.” Raising my head, I step back and put some distance between us. “What are you doing out here? I thought you’d left.”

His forehead wrinkles. “I was talking to some friends when I saw you walk off by yourself. Thought I’d make sure you got to your car okay.” His blue eyes zone in on the note. He takes it from me, and I notice my hands are shaking. So much for acting unaffected.

“How many of these have you received?” His gruff voice is like sandpaper to my nerves.

I snatch the note back. “I’m not feeding you any more information just so you can cut me out and get the story for yourself.”

“An answer, Bella.”
“Fine.” Why are boys so annoying? “This is the first. But it’s none of your concern.”

Luke’s fingers latch onto my shoulder again. “You’re my concern.”

I’m pulled in by the intensity of his eyes. He draws me closer to him, and my hands rest on his jacket.

His eyes drop to my lips.

I hold my breath, afraid to move.

Afraid he’s going to kiss me.

Terrified he’s not. . .


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