This Is It: New Week, New Giveaway


Welcome to Monday! (said with fake cheery voice and game show host smile)   Congrats to the winners of I’m So Sure: Salle, Ash, and Shauna. Ladies, email me (jen at your mailing addys. (And if you’d put I’m So Sure Giveaway in the subject that would be a huge help.)  Since we had such a big turnout for the drawing, I picked three instead of one. One of the perks of being blog boss.  The question last week was a hot one! And the fun thing is, the answers were so entertaining to read. THIS is why I don’t do algebraic questions of the week. The only reason.

Okay, let’s give away some more copies of I’m So Sure. How about two copies for next week (unless the masses come out again…which I love) of the book for answering this question: what is your favorite CD? You have until Friday at ten minutes past midnight to leave your comment.

My favorite CD would be the soundtrack from Wicked. I love it, adore it, and have worn that thing out. I’m in a “I can’t listen to that one more time” phase, but recently Glee covered Wicked‘s “Defying Gravity” and it was awesome in a brand new way. What else do I listen to a lot…well, right now I’m listening to Carrie Underwood’s new one. It’s growing on me. Her voice is fabulous, but the music selections need a boost. Also listening to Miranda Lambert’s latest. That is one country girl who could kick some butt. One of her songs is called, “Time to Get a Gun.” Her last CD also included a song about waiting for a dude so she could greet him on her front porch. With a shot gun. Pattern here? Anger issues? I don’t know, but I like it.  Chris Tomlin’s CDs are obviously in my top ten.

How are those of you in NanoWriMo doing? I’m stinking, thanks for asking.  But this week is a new week, so look out. I feel a total slam dunk coming on. (Okay, no. I don’t. But I just wanted to talk tough like Miranda Lambert.)

I forgot to mention that a week ago I saw This is It, the sorta-documentary of Michael Jackson’s tour that was not to be. I am not exaggerating when I say it was so worth it. I loved it. It’s not edge of your seat riveting, but it’s good. It’s interesting. Basically you get to see what the concert would’ve looked/sounded like. And I’ve never seen anything like it–this was a HUGE deal. I can’t imagine how they would recoup their expenses. Because when you see the movie you’re looking at millions and millions of dollars in this thing–singers, dancers, Broadway sets for each song, mini-movies with high tech computer generated imagery for each song. It was unreal. A few things struck me as I watched the movie:

1. I finally know for sure Michael does NOT say, “You can’t eat the baby” on the song “Gotta Be Starting Something.” Kind of a relief.

2. The man cannot NOT move. He never quits dancing. Fearlessly. There is something really cool about that.

3. If he weighed 100 lbs, it would be because he was holding another person. How could anyone look at him and think he wasn’t in a health crisis?

4. I can still listen to some of his songs and think, “Um…I still have no idea what that means.”

5. Sparkles make everything better

6. Nobody looks good in orange pants.

7. Never trust a man in shoulder pads.

8. So many unreached dreams with this project–the dancers, the backup singers, costume designers. This was their big break. And now…nothing. I was glad the movie really brought that to life. This tour was more than just Michael Jackson’s career.  Everyone was hinging their hopes on it for their own personal reasons.

9. Everyone kissed his butt. Yet they were genuine when it came to their feelings about the tour. Every performer was ON FIRE for these shows.

10. I was blown away by his graciousness. Michael Jackson had some serious manners.

11. He says “God bless you.” Often.

12. I’ve seen the guy interviewed. I always feel a bit icky when I do because it’s just so awkward. But in this documentary–in his element, you see a different personality. Still a VERY unique fellow, but confident on stage and everything associated with it. And since the whole flick takes place in rehearsals, all you see is a comfortable Michael Jackson.

13. Despite all his personal troubles and controversies, dude was a genius. He had an ear for every single instrument and basically acted as the musical director. Taught the dancers. Taught the musicians. I knew he was good. But I didn’t know he was THAT good.

14. I loved when he told his girl guitar player, ‘This is your time to shine. . .and we’re going to be right there with you.”

15. If you love music, or if you love dancing–you gotta see this. Prior to the movie, I thought the tour was a weak stab at a comeback. But it wasn’t weak–it was a full arsenal attack to gain a foothold in a world that had rejected him, possibly misunderstood him, and underestimated his ability to still be the king of pop.

As someone who is very character driven when I write, I was quite hooked by this documentary. Because if nothing else, Michael Jackson was definitely a multi(x100) layered character.  And besides, who doesn’t love a movie you can sing to?

Okay, gotta go. I have to run with a friend (more like painfully trot), clean my kitchen (more like spray some Fantastik around and call it good), and write some pages for NaNoWriMo. (More like write a sentence, check my word count, check Facebook. Write another sentence, check my word count, check Twitter. Write another sentence. And celebrate with two hours of free time.)

See you Wednesday and don’t forget the giveaway!