Joy to the World


The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.

I don't talk about writing much on this blog because there are so many other blogs who have that covered. I don't write inspirational and devotional things because there are many other blogs that do that ten times better than I ever could.  What I do is talk fluff–from Britney's lack of underoos to  chasing down Chris Daughtry on the streets of New York to the summer of '09, when all I knew was poison ivy and spider bites.  That's my job here.

But today I want to remind you of a story better than anything I could hope to come up with. Because unto you a child is born. . .

I never read the Christmas story in the Bible without latching onto something new, without being in awe of some facet of the account. I believe that Mary was a young teenage girl, given both the burden and joy of giving birth to the baby who would save the world as well as take her heart to the darkest place possible. I believe Jesus was born unto you. And me. And even your Aunt Ruth who gives fruit cake in the place of presents. I believe my Savior came to earth as a baby, walked as a boy, grew into a man, lived for 33 years, then took the cross for my every mistake. For your every mistake, whether you're a believer or not.

I believe at Christ's first cry, the world heard from God, after a 400 year silence. Four hundred years of nothing. And now. . .a baby brought good news. The people were not forgotten. I believe the moment was so amazing that all people could do was gather around and worship, some not even knowing why, but knowing if they didn't they would burst. And knowing, despite the humble surroundings, they were in the presence of something mighty and worthy of reverence. And words couldn't adequately express it, so much so that even Heaven's angels had to take to the skies and just sing. They were exploding with joy on the behalf of Heaven and on my behalf. And yours. God had spoken. A child had been born. For you. For me.

The angel of the Lord appeared to people on the bottom of the social chain–the shepherds. I'm so glad that God didn't go to the king in the fancy palace and say, “I bring YOU tidings of great joy.” But he went to the commoner, the worker, those who would come to Jesus with only tired bodies and empty hands. To those he brought great joy. To those he said, “Don't be afraid. I'm bringing you good news. I have not forgotten you.”

When I was a little girl, I would look outside my bedroom window every Christmas Eve before I would go to bed. There was this one bright star always positioned in the same place. And I would imagine it was the star that led everyone to Jesus. GPS at its finest.  On this Christmas let us all resolve to be that star, to be the light that points other to where they'll find their Savior. Because Jesus stepped onto earth for every man, woman, and annoying second cousin. Let's be the light for step-parents, half-brothers, and those you wish you weren't related to. To the people who won't get out of the passing lane. To the neighbor you never talk to. To the parent who makes you feel like ten minutes is ten hours.  To the mother who has spent the last two days cooking. To the friend who got exactly what you had wanted for Christmas, but didn't get. To the family member who still aches over someone who isn't there. To the older sister who won't stop texting her boyfriend long enough to pass the mashed potatoes.

We are the light. We are called to point the way toward Him and bring the Joy.To tell the rest of the world, “Fear not, because for you, just you, a child was born. And I have not forgotten you.”

Merry Christmas, blog friends. Much love to you all.


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Julie Garmon - December 23, 2009

I’d say this is pretty inspirational. Great job, Jenny. Merry Merry Christmas.


Kim - December 23, 2009

Well done Jenny B. Jones!!!

Amy @ My Friend Amy - December 23, 2009

Beautifully written and said, Merry Christmas to you.

Sarah - December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Jenny! Have a wonderful holiday and a fun break from school!:)

Jenny B. Jones - December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas, Julie. It was great to meet you and your cute outfit this fall.

Thank you, Kim, President of my fan club! (One member and still going strong…)

Amy, merry merry Christmas to you as well!

Sarah, thank you for all your book suggestions this year. Merry Christmas and enjoy YOUR break!

Amanda - December 23, 2009

Cool post! 😀
Love you all and hope and pray that you all have a very Merry Christmas! I will be praying for you all and your families!

Colene - December 23, 2009

!!!!!!!!!! teary.
Merry Christmas Ms Jones!

Sarah - December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas, Jenny! And I agree with Julie. This was pretty inspirational. Have a wonderful end-of-2009!

Jennifer - December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and may the snow truly arrive today!!

Natalie - December 24, 2009

Love this post so much. I keep erasing my comment because I can’t think of what to write, so I’ll just leave it at that: I love it.

Jenny B. Jones - December 24, 2009

Amanda and Sarah, have a great Christmas!
Colene, hope you are off this week and gonna enjoy some SNOW!

Jennifer, we’re getting snow! Hope you have a white Christmas as well.

Natalie, happy Christmas! Enjoy the holiday with your family and Biscuit. : )

Tammy - December 24, 2009

Jenny that was so beautiful! Thank you so much for all your blogs and books that you have written, I feel like I know you so well from all your blogs that I have read. Anyways I hope you have a wonderful christmas!!!

Cassidy - December 24, 2009

That was amazing = ) I loved it. It reminded me what’s really important. Thank you.
Merry Christmas! = D


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