Happy After Christmas!

Did everyone have a great holiday? We got snow! Woo!  In fact, not to far away from my little town in Arkansas, they were under a blizzard warning, which has never happened in my entire life. (I think it’s new. I think it’s just a new term my favorite meteorologists like to use because they know it gets me all weak in the knees.)   So because the weatherman said we were going to see up to eight inches of the white stuff on Christmas Eve, my brother and his family and I spent the night at my mom’s. It was fun.

But we didn’t get eight inches. We got about three. Which made the three days-worth of clothes I packed pretty pointless. And the two lanterns in the car. (Hey, if the electricity goes out, you gotta think of yourself. How else would I read my stack of Christmas vacation books? You think my mom’s gonna share her light that attaches to her forehead? No way.

It also made the bag of sledding gear I packed useless. Because if we got a ton of snow, I was going to walk to Snow Loving Holly’s house and join her sledding party. Because Holly is the cool person in town who people flock to because she seems to have an endless supply of sleds and hills.

So how was your Christmas? What was your favorite gift to receive? To give?

I have two favorite gifts I received. One was a big wrapped box. And when it was presented to me by my sister-in-law, I could tell it was heavy. I liked it already. When I opened the lid (yes, the lid was wrapped and the box portion was wrapped. Separately. Because my brother said that’s how they do it on TV) there was a huge stack of books. Fifty-two, in fact. One for each week of the year. I loved it!

My other favorite gift was also a surprise–a digital picture frame. I love it too. In fact I’m looking at it right now. This is so perfect from me because I take millions of pictures but never develop them. They just sit on my computer. . .for years. So now I can look at them all the time. And force others to look at them.

I spent the entire day after Christmas getting files off my old, ancient computer and onto my Mac, using a flash drive. And then I deleted that flash drive and loaded my collection of pics for my frame. So later that night, I turn on the frame and just let it run. As I walk through the living room, I happen to catch a glimpse of myself. And then another. And another. And another. What? Every single picture was of me. Like old author shots. And then there’s my thirtieth birthday. Me, me, me. I yanked the off switch and put myself out of misery.

Turns out even though I had deleted my entire collection of photos from the jump drive, I needed to totally reformat the disk because they were still there like ghosts.  Because I do not display pictures of myself in my house. If I wanted to look at myself I would take the tarp off the bathroom mirrors. But I just sat there in my living room and thought, “What if I had had company over and someone had witnessed that display? They’d be all like, “Hey, did you catch the Jennifer Show?”   “Yeah, all 400 pics of it.”   So, yeah, minor catastrophe averted. That was a close one. Though that would make a funny gift–to give someone a pre-loaded digital frame with picture after picture of yourself. And here’s me. And another one of me. And another…and here’s me at nine o’clock. And here’s me at nine-oh-five. . .

Okay, so I want to hear all about your Christmas. What was your fave gift to give? What was your favorite gift to receive? (And of course we all want to hear about any amazingly bad gifts as well.)

Have a great week after Christmas!