So Over My Head and Technical Difficulties

First of all, don’t forget you have until Thursday evening to get in the running for one of two books from YA author Nicole O’Dell. Check out the details HERE.

So Over My Head will be out in a matter of weeks. I’m excited for this book to hit the shelves. So excited I made a v-log. Still tweaking the video quality, but I appreciate how the blurriness makes me less of a candidate for Botox.

Stay tuned for Part Deux Friday where we discuss the Bella and Luke situation, prom queens, mules, and wrestling.



  1. says

    Oh, man, you do so much better in front of a camera than me … had to do a similar thing for the day-job, and the entire office staff still talks about how many takes I had to do in order to finish one 30 second spot! I am LEGEND, but, er, not in a good way.

    Still, I do much better when I’m not looking straight into a camera.

  2. Hannah says

    I just went to amazon to pre-order it last minute and they say its “In Stock” is it out already?

  3. says

    Cynthia, I do better when I’m not looking directly into the camera too. Like when I’m not even in the same room as a camera.

    Ruth, thanks SO much for the tip off this morning that it wasn’t working!

    Hannah, I guess Amazon is carrying it in stock now. woo!

    Ashley, you totally made my day.

    Natalie, you’re a liar, but God love you.

    Tracy, I would teach in Australia ANY DAY.

  4. Rachel B. says

    Hahaa! I especially loved the line “Werewolves and Sparkly vamps? Cakewalk!” Can’t wait for Part Deux on friday!

  5. Nicole P. says

    Haha, that was awesome! Very enjoyable to watch! “So Over My Head” sounds great. :)

  6. says

    bahahahaha :) lovin the video!! more, more, we want more!! you sound just like you write! so funny, so awesome, can’t wait to read the latest in the Bella Kirkwood saga :)

  7. Jenny B. Jones says

    Thanks, gals!
    Jules, the opportunity to use the word fisticuffs pretty much made my day.

    Bethany, Chris Tomlin isn’t married yet, but I do have a plan in place called “Bust Up Tomlin Wedding Without Brute Force.”

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