Manic Monday

I have been stuck like glue to my laptop, watching every single Twitter update that pops up for updates on Nashville, TN. Have you seen THIS? I have been praying all weekend for my Thomas Nelson family and the Nashville area in general. I can’t even imagine. On the upswing, it has taken my mind off the oil spill in the gulf.

I saw the Jennifer Lopez movie Backup Plan this weekend. My friends liked it, but I did not. I repeat I DID NOT LIKE THIS MOVIE.  But if you like cheesy dialogue, zero chemistry, weird timeline progression, bad J-Lo hair (though great J-Lo eye shadow AS ALWAYS), weird alpha male, but best performance by a dog in a wheel chair, go see it! There were some funny lines, but other than that, I was bored. Oh, but Sookie from Gilmore Girls does have a small part and does a great job. (Would you expect anything less from Sookie?)   This movie made me even more grateful for Iron Man II.

So Over My Head officially released this weekend. If it’s not in your bookstore, do what my friend Kim does and grab the manager by the necktie and demand a large shipment ordered. (One of the many reasons why she is my friend.)

Okay, let’s give away a copy of . What should today’s question of the week be? (thinking, thinking….)  How about: What is your favorite song THIS WEEK? Not your forever favorite song. Not this year’s favorite, but your right-now-favorite. My current fave is Bulletproof by La Roux. You can see it HERE.  I didn’t know Tilda Swinton was a singer too!  I like that song because it is so 80s. (though that video sucks, which is very non-eighties.)  If we have to suffer through the return of 80s fashions, we dang well better get some 80s tunes, so it’s about time. Thank you, La Roux-Tilda Swinton. It’s about time.

To get in the running for a signed copy of So Over My Head, leave a comment sharing your fave song of the moment. You have until Thursday evening, 6 pm New Delhi time. Winner will be announced Friday.

So my cat has freakishly sensitive skin, and this weekend’s foaming at the mouth routine reiterated what I already knew–Miller, the Puking Wonder, cannot handle Advantage flea treatment. It ended up involving both of us locked in the bathroom, me giving the cat his first bath of his 8 year life, water being slung like the Titanic had just come through the pipes, meowing (him), hissing (me), claws (both of us), and kitty eyes looking at me like, “Why are you trying to kill me?!!!”  Omg, never again!  It took everything I had to restrain this animal. Both arms, both legs, both elbows, two knees, and my chin. So if you know of any natural products that won’t kill a cat or make his eyes swell shut (stupid Advantage), then please PLEASE let me know.

Also please take a moment to stop and say a prayer for the folks in the Nashville area. And for you blog regs who live there, we’d love to hear how you’re faring.

Have a good week, guys.