Dating Advice and a Giveaway


Before we jump in, I’m giving away a copy of Save the Date. Read on to discover how you can score the win.

The lovely and talented Kimberley and Kayla Woodhouse had me stop by for a blog visit where I paid them to say nice things about me, and you can find that HERE. I think those two girls are the bee’s knees. And Kayla is the youngest published author of a full-length novel. Can you imagine the talent? This family has also been on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and all sorts of cool stuff.

I made a deal with myself I wouldn’t read any reviews on Save the Date. But I’m failing. Especially when they are as as surprisingly kind as THIS and THIS. This it totally God, as this book and I almost divorced a few times. I had sooo many friends praying for me as I wrote all 500 versions of Save the Date, so that it could be anything but kitty box liner is totally divine grace. And good editors. And lots of fajitas. I’m grateful God specializes in making all things new–including my messes.

Love is in the air. (What a transition.) With the release of Save the Date to my trying to set up my friend Jill, to our march toward the big February 14th, I can sniff Cupid from here. (I always imagined Cupid smelled like Little Debbie’s. The Zebra cakes. Even though Fudge Rounds are my favorite. But they don’t exactly smell. Or maybe I always eat them too fast to notice.)

In case you missed Friday’s bonus blog, my friend got me hooked on a blog called Kelly’s Korner, and after reading it a million times, I knew I had to play along. So I created a post about my friend Jill, who is so stinkin’ cute and funny and smart and successful and full of Awesome Guy Worthy Wow.  So if you know of a great Christian guy for my friend, let us know. I am probably enjoying this a little too much.

In honor of all the romance swirling around, I thought we should talk dating advice. In Save the Date, Lucy has her heart set on a man named Matt, but then Alex offers her a deal she can’t refuse, and she has to take it. Will Matt still be there when all is said and done? Can she survive “living” in Alex Sinclair’s world? I wondered about her dating tips and came up with these.

Lucy Wiltshire’s Advice for Dating

1. When in doubt which fork to use, just eat the Twix in your purse.
2. Just because a man looks like an Adonis, has a loving heart buried beneath his hot exterior, and kisses like a dream, does not mean he’s the one for you…right?
3. Always let him drive. Especially if he owns a BMW.
4. Money may not buy happiness, but it is does buy fried chicken. And that’s pretty darn close.
5. Find a friend who knows more about hair and makeup before going out with America’s favorite quarterback.
6. Watch some SportsCenter before going out with America’s favorite quarterback.
7. When you fall for said quarterback, do not let him know.
8. If Mr. Football Stud asks you to his beach house, you must say yes.
9. If Mr. Football Stud asks you to an art gala with lots of expensive things on the walls, you must say no.
10. No date is worth dieting for.

Along those lines, I’d like to offer some dating advice myself. I call it “Topics To NOT Use As Conversation Starters.”
After much field research, I believe it is safe to say it is in your best interest to avoid saying the following:
1. Guess how many toxic chemicals are in bacon? No guess.
2. My cat barfs. Wanna hear my theories? Um-kay.
3. Does dairy make you phlegmy too?
4. You’re SO much better looking than that guy I picked up off of Craig’s List.
5. Wanna hear about the time I was in first grade and drank chocolate milk through my nose?
6. And then when I was in second grade…
7. Who’s your favorite on Jersey Shore?
8. Some people say I look just like Scarlett Johansson. What do you think?
9. Have you ever used the puke bag on an airplane? I have. Funny story…
10. I think sports are stupid, don’t you?
11. Of course I play a musical instrument. I just happen to have it with me. Any requests for my nose kazoo?
12. So about your prison record…

What about you? Teen or Teen at Heart, what are some tips for surviving a date? Never been on a date? Too young to date? Too long since you’ve had a date to call them? NO PROBLEM! Just make something up. Best one wins a signed copy of Save the Date, so you can see if Lucy’s rules were of any help at all. (Contest ends Saturday. Winner announced next Monday.)