Save the Date vs. Downton Abbey


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Okay, so, wow.
What a week. My snow dance worked so well, I have been off since Tuesday. I will be going to school until the end of July, but right now it’s worth it. When I’m snot crying in June 31st, it won’t be.

I finally watched the last part of Downton Abbey yesterday. If you missed this BBC mini-series on PBS, you have got to buy the DVD. It was so good.

The only cruddy part is that it didn’t really end. Nothing got resolved, as there will be a sequel. How will I know if Mary finally admits her love for Matthew?

When will Mary realize she must marry Matthew, if for no other reason than the fact that her last name would stay the same and she wouldn’t have to get a new driver’s license?

When will I learn if Edith gets a proposal from the man who was going to propose but didn’t because Mary told him stuff that simply wasn’t true because Mary and Edith hate each other and have yet to hug it out?

When will Lady Grantham’s maid get a fistful of knuckles for her meanness that led to the end of the Grantham line and the family eventually being put out on the streets with absolutely no need for a maid and her weird caterpillar bangs?

When will the country of Turkey back off on the death of Mary’s 24 Hour boyfriend and just accept the fact that sometimes flooziness kills and it takes two to floozie and it’s not all her fault and besides she has a mansion that looks like a castle to save?

I am still enjoying book release week for Save the Date. And watching Downton Abbey, set in 1912-ish made me realize how alike the two stories really are.

1. Mary Grantham, the oldest girl, must marry to save the house. All 600 rooms of it.
Lucy Wiltshire must get herself engaged to save a house. This one houses girls who have aged out of the foster care system. Unfortunately, Maggie Smith lives nowhere near the vicinity or somehow, I believe the day would be saved, because I want to tell you, Maggie Smith fixes everything. Ever seen YaYa Sisterhood? Ever seen Harry Potter? *three snaps in Z formation* Girl gets it done.

2. Lucy likes a man, but is afraid to trust her life and heart to him.
Mary Grantham also adores a man, but she’s a horrible snob and doesn’t know if her dress allowance will be cut off if she marries him so she’s just gonna think about it.

3. Mary hates the idea of selling herself off just to save a house. It’s so unfair she’s the oldest and the most beautiful and the smartest!
Lucy hates the idea of selling herself out to save her girls. It’s so unfair she’s a government paid employee and doesn’t get paid jack and has to beg for funding from hot men who are internationally known and worth millions!

4. Lucy is a snazzy dresser.
Mary is a snazzy dresser.

5. Both women have time-consuming past times.
Lucy likes to watch Star Trek and meet with her book club, the Hobbits.
Mary likes to devour men with her teeth and spit out their bones in front of her sister.

6. Both women are overseen by domineering, yet unintentionally funny old women.
Mary must answer to her uptight and wealthy grandmother, played by Maggie Smith.
Lucy must answer to her uptight and wealthy grandmother, played by Maggie Smith. In my mind.

So, so alike. I’m sure BBC will be calling us any moment and wanting to option it for film, TV, and pose-able action figures.
Side note about D.T. Abbey, this is the weirdest promo ever.

Have a great weekend! Stay warm and cozy and ice free.