Oh, Those Crazy Kids


Above picture is reader and Facebook/Twitter buddy Ashley upon FINALLY getting a copy of Save the Date. If you have a photo of your fine self reading Save the Date, send it my way so you can have your blog debut. (Send to jen at jennybjones dot com)  Thanks to Ashley for always being pro+Christian fiction, pro+JBJ books, and pro+fun.

Loved our discussion on literary crushes. Some of you threw a twist in there and put in movie/TV crushes. Clearly this is an important issue we need to discuss this at length. (Discuss Egypt? Health care? China? Noooo. Let us talk of swoonie TV dudes.) Stay tuned.

Next week my sweet publisher is giving away TEN copies of Save the Date right here.  (Yes, giving away STDs. You can’t get those from just any blog…)  Be sure and check back for how you can snag your copy.

I haven’t shared my students’ little quips in a while. Mostly because my kids have not been that funny this year. (Ha. Can I say that?)  Or maybe they’re funny, but their teacher is too distracted and sugar-deprived to see it. Anyway, lately I’ve caught a few good ones. I hope to get more soon. Don’t they know their grades depend on it depend on their effort and attitudes?  That they won’t pass unless they make me laugh work hard and complete all the assignments? That the only reason I became a teacher is to have a captive audience and full-time entertainment spread the love of learning and invest in children?     (Names changed to protect the young and silly)

From essays on the students’ favorite possession:
Student 1: One day I was having trouble reading the board. I figured I had something in my eye, but as the day progressed, I still had problems. I couldn’t beat up kids like I used to.
Student 2: My favorite possession would definitely be my cowbell. The main reason I hold it so close to my heart is because you always need more cowbell.
Student 3: My most prized possession that I could bring to class without someone thinking I was going to kill someone and most likely resulting in getting shot by Officer Moss’s taser…
Student 4: My photo book contains the pictures that got me through four years of staring at the floor and my stepmother who looks like a  horse.
Student 5: Not only is my unicorn beautiful, but it also comes with a pink bridle for control. Because unicorns are known to pull shenanigans.
Student 6: My favorite possession is my squishy pillow. Squishy was a blessing from heaven. When my eyes and his squish met, I knew he was the right pillow for me.
Student 7: My calculator is my favorite. It has an automatic stand. All I need to do is press a button and my calculator is raised into the air as if carried by an angel…

Student walking in the door:  “I love you!”
Me:  (stern face on) “Thomas, is that how you enter my classroom?”
Student:   Yep.
Me: Fair enough.

Question: You are in charge of creating a holiday for the nation. What is it?
Student: National Punch Your Big Brother in the Face Day.
Student 2: National Ninja Day
Me: What do we do on this day?
Student 2: Everyone hides.
Student 3: National Sun Day. And it’s on Sunday. And we…celebrate the sun.
Student 4: Dog Day
Me:What are we gonna do?
Student 4: Pet dogs.
Tara: National Alpaca Abuse Awareness Day
Ben: National Throw An Alpaca At Tara Day

Me: You’re a super hero. What’s your super power? Mine is Super Memory. I could remember amazing things. . .events from my life a long time ago. Like yesterday.
Student 1: The power to brush my teeth without any hands.
Student 2: The power to hit Justin Bieber without being attacked by girls.
Student 3: The power to fly!
Student 4: The power of invisibility!
Student 5: The super power of time travel!
Student 6: The power to have a super beard.

Have a great weekend. See you next week for mega book giveaway.