A Quick Hello


Still writing like a fiend and not back to regular blogging for the week, but I wanted to share my new cover of There You’ll Find Me, my fall YA. A reader found it for me out there, so since it’s gone all Amazony, I’m sharing it with you. I know there’s a lot of hand-holding out there in Coverville, but I don’t care. I love this cover so much. It’s so ready for its closeup. Thomas Nelson did a great job with it, and I’m so proud. The book releases in October. What do you think?!

Natalie Lloyd (update: link fixed!) and I are still chatting books, bacon, music, and giveaways on her blog. I don’t know that anyone is more fun to blog chat with than Natalie. Doesn’t she feel just like a friend to you? It’s like you’re sitting there gossiping with your mochas and People magazines in the cushy chairs in Barnes and Noble. Well, I’d be there with my hot chocolate. Because I’m not yet old enough to drink coffee. . .

I had something else to tell you, but darn if I can remember what it is. Here are some random thoughts that were not what I was going to tell you.

1. My friend Sheila has confirmed that Charlie Sheen is bipolar. And I concur she is indeed correct. I think we’re almost at the Britney Spears point where it’s not cool to make fun of him anymore. The man may be a narcissistic jerk face, but he has no control of his brain anymore. He is stuck in manic mode and it’s bad. It’s real bad, y’all.

2. Oscars…now that we can make fun of. What the heck was that train wreck? No, not a train wreck. Train wrecks are too cool. More like a wreck of Ford Tauruses. A wreck of Priuses. A wreck of your grandma’s 1989 Buick. BAD. I think James Franco still thinks he’s Harry Osbourn from Spiderman. I think when he goes to bed at night, his eyes glow.

3. Kudos to THIS GUY who got in touch with his inner girl and read Save the Date. One of my favorite reviews.

4. Is it a coincidence that Tuesday was not only Free Pancake Day at IHOP but also the day before Dr. Seuss’s birthday? I think not. Oh, the places you will go…like to get a rooty tooty fresh and fruity.  (Edit: originally I had been told Tuesday was Dr. S’s birthday. Which made the original version of that comment a whole lot cooler. But I couldn’t totally delete it because I so wanted to use the words rooty tooty.)

5. So happy for King’s Speech winning at Lame Oscars. And so happy for Mr. Darcy winning Best Actor at Lame Oscars. I don’t know if Natalie Portman’s win was a good pick because I haven’t seen Black Swan, as I’m afraid of movies involving skinny girls, toe dancing, and feathers.  (Note: I want to say again, if you are avoiding watching King’s Speech because of R rating, SEE IT. It’s rated G (as in G for Billy Graham) except for 2 minutes of cursing, including one F bomb, which I promise serves a purpose, though I know that sounds unbelievable. My students try to convince me cussing serves a purpose all the time, so I know these tricks. And just as soon as one of them is a future King who needs to know his speech is not permanently disabled, I’m going to buy this excuse.

Have a good week. I’ll see you at Southern Belle View on Friday.