Engaged… Again


First of all, you can get a free download of In Between in e-book version HERE at cbd.com. I love the good folk of Christian Book.com and am glad to see In Between for zero pesos.

It was just a matter of time.
As many of you know, I had put in a great deal of time into stalking my (then) future (not really) husband Chris Tomlin. Then Tomlin got married to someone else. Without asking me. And yeah, I was hurt. And I might’ve drowned my sorrows in chocolate bars and cheap queso. (Which begs the question, how is this different from any other day?)

And then I got stressed because I no longer had a Musical Pretend Crush. Who was I going to creep on now? And who has the time to find someone new? Not me. So much effort.

So Dave Barnes came to my part of Arkansas in concert last week. (No, not my musical crush. He’s real married.)  Actually Brandon Heath came to concert and Kristian Stanfill and Dave opened for him. I don’t really listen to much Christian radio. I have a handful of things I’ll occasionally listen to–Crowder, Tomlin, 10th Avenue, Need to Breathe, a few others. But mostly…nah. It’s just not my thing. But music is. It’s totally my love language. (As is “Cheetohs.”) And thanks to Pandora, I love me some Nice Teeth, Baby-Faced Dave Barnes.

Dude is just good. But he’s mainstream. He doesn’t sing contemp Christian music.


And if you’ve watched any of Dave’s youtube clips or twitvids, he is so funny. Like the kind of funny that takes over a room and would make the rest of us just fade to the back. Crazy funny. So I totally enjoyed his five measly songs. Great stage presence. Great audience interaction. Great jokes. And then I prepared to sit through the main event, Brandon Heath.

First of all, it was a small venue and didn’t have graduated seats. So this was my view most of the night.


Couldn’t see much. Which didn’t endear Brandon to me.

I could see this guy, which made me smile.


He knew the words to most of Brandon Heath’s songs, singing out loud right next to his teen daughter. A lot of men don’t even sing in church at all, so this made me laugh. In a good way.

Then it was Brandon’s turn to sing.


Y’all…he was good. I didn’t know. I recognized some of his songs, but didn’t know they belonged to him. Didn’t really know anything about him.

He danced on stage some, which is good to see. I don’t just pick anyone for my Musical Fake Crush I’m Not Really Gonna Marry.


I don’t select just anyone to non-stalk.


The fact that he had some moves, pretty much sold me. And he didn’t look like a total dork.
My friend Tiffany said if I want to hang with Heath, I gotta get a Harley. I’ll deal with that this weekend I suppose. I hope they come in pink.

Other reasons this chap has qualified for Person I’m Considering Non-Stalking Until He Offers a Proposal I Won’t Really Accept:
1. Good dresser. Good pants. Good shoes.
2. He travels. So he’ll be gone from time to time. A girl needs her space.
3. He has dark hair. I have dark hair. Is it fate? I think we all know the obvious answer here.
4. He sings beautifully. I once sang for mules. (Should I book the chapel now or wait til spring?)
5.He’s friends and old college buddies with Dave Barnes. Coolness by association. For him. And me. And insurance we’ll have a kickin’ wedding reception.
6. He sang a Michael Jackson cover song. At a Christian concert. Yes, please.
7. He sang a Michael Jackson song and didn’t once touch his crotch. Classy.
8. He sang an Ace of Base cover song. And not for a second did I think, “Is he gay?”
9. He speaks well. I’m a communications teacher, and I cannot turn it off. By the end of the night, I’d assigned him an A-.
10. He has a heart for ministry. I taught children’s church for six years and didn’t strangle one single child. Clearly we’re both saints.

In lieu of wedding gifts, please send cash donations to your local library and food banks. Brandon and I don’t need your crock pots and place settings.
We have love.
Fake love.