My Favorite Facebook Day of the Year

1066412_birthday_muffinSo today is my birthday. When you get older, these things kinda creep up on you. Last night I got an early “woohoo, it’s your birthday” on Facebook, and I was like, “Oh. I guess tomorrow is my birthday.” So happy 29th-ish to me. So far I have celebrated my birthday week by:

1. Spending 5 hours getting tax junk together.
2. Taking tax junk to accountant. I have a super nice accountant, but for some reason I dread this appointment every year, and I always feel like I’m in the principal’s office. If you don’t know what that feeling is like, you haven’t lived.
3. Buying professional hair color
4. Mixing professional hair color
5. Getting very unprofessional hair color results.
6. Doctoring up scary color (pale red roots with the other 90 percent black, thankyouverymuch) with Miss Clairol.
7. Making promise to the Lord I will name my first born Miss Clairol.
8. Getting up at 4:30 this morning while I should’ve been dreaming of cake
9. Yelling at alarm.
10. Working out at unholy hour because fat cells like to tag team girls beyond, ahem, 25.
11. Going out to eat with my sweet mother
12. Lunch with my dad and stepmom
13. Family dinner where I pick the menu and my brother reminds me this is the anniversary of when his four-year old life got ruined.
14. Mellow Mushroom and movie with friends
15. Dinner and movie with another friend
16. Buying new stretchy pants to accommodate all the dinner and movies.
17. Reflecting on deep life moments. “Why did I color my own hair?”

On this day of deep thoughts (I’ve inhaled a lot of ammonia tonight, see items 3-7), I just wanted to tell you I’m very, very grateful for my blog friends. Y’all are awesome. I don’t care what everyone else says about you…

See you Friday!