Cover Love and Giveaway


The lovely folk from Waterbrook Multnomah have kindly given me five copies of Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer’s new nonfiction book Praying for your Future Husband to give away.  (Note to Grandma, you cannot enter this one.)  The fab Ashley of Waterbrook Multnomah says this about the book, “If you’re familiar with the Christy Miller series, this book was born out of feedback from readers who started writing letters to and praying for their future husbands, just like Christy does.”  I know there are a lot of Christy Miller fans among us, so instructions to slam dunk a win at the end of this blog.

Let’s talk book covers. We are living in the age of Cover Art Amazingness, so I’m always seeing a book whose cover deserves an A plus. Here are a few that have caught my eye of late.


Pretty eh? As Ashley at Thomas Nelson says, I like covers with red accents. So true. But I love the alternate version of this cover too.


The vintage girl in me adores everything on that cover. Love that font. And no red!

Sarah Addison Allen wins the cover lottery with every single cover, every single time. Clearly she has made a pact with Lucifer and a graphic designer. No judgment here. For results like that, I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same. Here’s her latest. The-Peach-Keeper

What I love about Allen’s covers, besides the fact that they’re practically frame-able, is the whimsy. It appeals to the inner girl in all of us that never quite gave up believing in magical rabbit holes and yellow brick roads.

She got a cover update for the paperback version of Girl Who Chased the Moon. I like it a lot.


I’m pretty sure I saw this first on the Green Bean Teen Queen’s blog. She’s always so up to date on new and future releases.


The Amazon copy says this book is for those who are patiently waiting for part two of Downton Abbey (me! me!). I don’t have a complete picture what the book is about, but I wish I had written it just to get that cover. It’s so pretty. Kind of reminds me of this one by friend and co-blogger Beth Webb Hart, another beautiful cover.

This one is fun. Love the red with the aqua green/blue.


Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet always catches my eye as well. The color scheme reminds me of art by Jack Vettriano.

Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet-1

I stole this cover below from a blog post from Southern Belle View’s Marybeth Whalen.


Isn’t that an awesome cookbook cover? Makes me want to cook, so it must have mystical powers of fabulousness. Because the kitchen is not my favorite place. Unless it’s my mom’s kitchen. And she’s cooking.

This is a future release by Sandra Byrd. Class Act. I love it.


I mean, that is snazzy. Love the colors and that the girls heads aren’t totally visible.

One of my new favorites is this one, The Lady of Bolton Hill. Isn’t that gorgeous?


Here’s some interesting “how to” on the cover process. Really cool to see the inside story. If you’re interested in more of the process behind the final product, you must follow The Cover Girl. I liked this blog interview with graphic designer Alison Impey mucho.

This cover is fun. Interesting shoe choice with the dress and floor colors.


I’m pretty sure I stole the next two from Green Bean Teen Queen, but I like Elizabeth Berkley’s cover a lot. I like how it’s nonfiction, but it could totally be trending with current fiction YA covers right now.


In case you’re thinking, is that Elizabeth Berkley from Saved by the Bell, the same Elizabeth who starred in Show Girls? Why, yes. Yes, it is. And that experience has led her to advise teen girls of our great nation. But take heart, she’s also the same Elizabeth who gave us this American treasure:

That Zack Morris. Such a good boy.

SOOOO many covers in YA are so dark right now. Put them all together on a Barnes and Noble shelf, and you just want to call in a double order of Prozac. That’s why this one just pops from the crowd. Let’s hope this is a turning point.


A few summers ago I went to Versaille. I did not see this woman there.


I like how her hair doesn’t even fit in the shot. Kinda like my class pictures from 1987 and 1988. Madame Tussaud, I totally understand.

So those are my faves.

Now, on to the giveaway for the new book by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer. To be in the running for one of the five books to be shared, leave a comment telling me either:
1. A cover you are crushing on
2. An element you wished would be on more covers. For example, I find there are just not enough unicorns on books. I feel sorry for the mythical beasts and pray for them to get their due on a daily basis.
3. What you’d like to see less of on a cover. For example, I would like to see less of the Kardashians on a cover. I have a theory these girls are robots, and I think it’s high time Ryan Seacrest quit winding them up. (And don’t use specific book references please. We’re a Rated N for nice here on this blog. Usually.)

P.S. I want to see Disney’s Prom.