Happy Mother’s Day!

July 2008 086

In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, tell me your mom’s name (or stepmom or mom figure) and 3 words that describe/described her.
Here’s mine:

Beverly: generous, big-hearted, beautiful

Your turn!


  1. Tay says

    Mom: Strong, Yummy, Warm-hearted

    Yummy means she cooks yummy food…not that she tastes yummy. :) Just thought I’d clarify. I don’t eat my mother. Haha!

    Ahh! I just saw your countdown to There You’ll Find Me! You have no idea how excited I am!

  2. Sarah says

    Funny, loving, giving :)
    But those aren’t enough words… loli love my madrea :)

  3. Alex says

    Only three? Really? So not enough…:D

    Leslie: Supportive, beautiful, and my best friend:D

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