MYFASE Winners!


Announcing the Winners of Mostly YA Fab Author Summer Extravaganza!

Winner of To Die For: Rachelle Rea

Winner of Miss Match: Lisa Carter

Winner of Perfectly Invisible: Tonya

Winner of Waterfall: Reagan

Winner of So Over It: Catrina

Winner of Swept Away: Macy Muray

Winner of the gift card & There You’ll Find Me arc: Felicia

Winners, shoot me an email w/your home addy using my contact page and put the title of the book won in the subject please. Congratulations!

If you didn’t win, let me tell you about yet ANOTHER contest. We’re giving away a Nook over at Southern Belle View. Pop over there and play along.

So did anyone see Harry Potter 7.2? My friend Snow Loving Holly and I lucked into some midnight tickets, so we went. I think we each had about 400 dollars worth of snacky contraband in our purses. It wasn’t the least bit obvious… And yes, Holly’s 4 year old son always carries a large handbag as well, why do you ask, Mr. Ticket Taker?

Anyway, I liked the movie a lot. Those films are something to see just for the special effects and imagery. So pretty. I can’t even imagine what it’s like as an author to see your book come alive in that way, especially in a way that is dead-on fabulous. If I had written some fantasy series, Hollywood probably would’ve done it in claymation. And sold it directly to Syfy. (And when did they become Syfy? What kind of spelling is that?)  I hadn’t read the Deathly Hallows (which, I know, is a personal insult to you true Harry Potter fans), so I was surprised by the nods to the Christian faith in the movie. Lots of them. Very cool to see. That JK Rowling is first class. I’d totally let her hang out with me and Holly.

What did YOU think of the movie, for those of you who saw it? Aren’t you sad it’s all over? It’s the end of an era! What was your favorite part? One of mine was when Mrs. Weasley had her big moment toward the end. That went a little too fast for me. She’s waited 7 books and 8 movies for that!

Okay, I said I’d be back with more of my Crappy Trip Home from Ecuador, but that is going to have to wait til Wednesday.  It’s working up to be 97 degrees here, and my air conditioning has died, so I am fixing that. Okay, I’m paying someone to fix that. But it is still taxing my brain. My very hot brain.

I will share Miller’s special welcome home to me before I go. Whenever I travel, my dear, sweet cat loves to catch up on all the talking we missed out on. So he meows. Every 2 seconds. Usually for 3 days straight. He is a joy…

And that ain’t nothing. At that point, he was already worn out and hoarse. You can hear me laughing in the video, but two hours later, I was ready to punch the both of us in the throat. Reasons to get a dog….