There You’ll Find Me


So There You’ll Find Me has finally released! This book, a Romantic Times Top Pick, is one I will never, EVER forget. I only wrote it and rewrote it 100 times. But I think we finally got it right.
Finley, the star of the story, was first introduced in Save the Date. Now she has her own story. Because girl’s got issues. Lots of them.

Thank God for NetGalley and Thomas Nelson’s reviewer program called BookSneeze because on opening day we already had reviews. And they weren’t all from folks with my last name.

I’ll be chatting about the book this Thursday night (9 pm cst) with author Nicole O’Dell on Teen Talk Radio. You should join us!

Want a free copy?
If you have a book club who needs a set, KidsBuzz is giving just that away. You can also win a copy over at Free Book Friday Teens HERE.

And if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, jump on that. I’ll be sending that out soon, filling you in on the version of There You’ll Find Me that I cut two weeks before the book was due. For example, Beckett, the romantic interest, wasn’t originally an actor. He was a poor Irish guy, working to help his mom keep a roof over his family’s head. Wasn’t that so noble?
Yeah. But boring.

But all along, Finley always had the question, the heart cry of, “God, where are you in this?” No matter our age, I think it’s a thought we’ve all thrown up to Heaven.

This book comes with lots of stories of its own, its pages reminding me of different parts of my year. Some good. Some I’d like to give back. For better or worse, a book is always a part of the author. Only months after turning the book in, still completely exhausted, I would relate to Finley’s loss in a way I never saw coming. I see Finley’s other challenges in the lives of some of my students, teens I pray for and keep a watchful eye on. And of course, the book is set in Ireland, a place touched by God unlike any other. A country I visited and fell in love with. And wanted to share with you.

I hope you like the final draft.