The Talkies


Don’t forget, I’m giving away the audio version of There You’ll Find Me HERE.

Let’s talk movies, shall we? I think this upcoming flick looks good–Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

I bet there’s lot of pratt falls and giggle moments in that movie. Will Ferrell probably makes a cameo…

I saw Courageous a few weeks ago. I will say the acting in those movies is getting better. I appreciate that. Lots-o-messages in that movie. At least one of them was good. I liked how the pastor didn’t speak in a weird monotone. In fact, he did a great job. Not surprisingly, he’s a real pastor. He’s also the husband of a friend. I hope he doesn’t let his success go to his head, get a new tat every month, start adopting a bunch of international children, and make his wife wear his blood around her neck.

And as a Janet Evanovich reader, I was dee-lighted to finally see the One for the Money trailer. It’s about time. I’m not sure about most of the casting, but I am sure about Debbie Reynolds (though not my first pick) and the woman who is not Starr Jones as Lula. Here’s the trailer, but it has language. (In a fake Jersey accent, no less.) So many people care DEEPLY about this movie and this book series. There are fanatics out there. And while I’m not exactly Stephanie Plum Psycho, I am still worried they have messed this up. Reasons being:
1. The curse of Katherine Heigl in a movie. (Though on the bright side, I’m glad it’s not Jennifer Aniston.)
2. Movie kept getting pushed back. Not a good sign.
3. They JUST released this trailer, and the movie opens in a matter of months. Not a good sign either.
4. Ranger…I dunno. Not what I expected.
5. Grandma should have more wrinkles. You can’t be a crazy grandma without wrinkles.

Another movie I’m looking forward to, which, like Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close, does not look like it will be providing snort laughs, is

But I am telling you, if that pony isn’t alive by the time the end credits roll…I will not go out of that theater quietly.

What’s a movie you’ve seen lately or one you can’t wait to see?
And please don’t say Breaking Dawn. . .