TV Talk

Everyone loves a good reconciliation story.
After years of estrangement, I am happy to report that television and I have gotten back together. We worked through our differences, and we now see each other a few times a week.

Right now I’m loving my usual show of Castle, of course. The episode last month where Detective Ryan was the main focus was brilliant. That guy can act. And the duo of Ryan and Esposito is some of the best bromance chemistry ever.

Modern Family. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s really well written, and though this season has been a little lackluster, the show makes me laugh every single time. I also think Sophia Vergara got the shaft in the Emmy for a comedy this year. Her humor goes beyond reading some lines.

Psych. I know, I KNOW lots of you have been die-hards for years. And I would watch it here and there. But this season I committed, you know? Got serious. Said “I do” to Shawn and Gus. And so far we’ve been very happy together. There is no show that makes me laugh harder. Like out loud. And I do not usually laugh out loud at the television. Episode Two from this season was so dang good. I keep strong-arming people into watching it. It’s that funny-smart.

Once Upon A Time. I actually have no idea why I’m watching this one. It’s something I would’ve obsessed over as a teenager and loved. Now, like many of you have said, I think it screams “mini-series!” I can’t imagine how they’ll give this thing enough life to do years worth. I have a suspicion they won’t have to worry about that…  But we had just finished a “fractured fairy tale” unit in my creative writing class when this came out. We watched it and my students analyzed the story. Quite interesting to get their take on it. It is a fun twist on many (mannnny) fairy tales, but as my students said, the Evil Queen is 100 percent Evil and that makes her unrealistic. Plus. She has really bad lipstick.

What are you watching these days?