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I have a bad habit.
About four times a week I go to Sonic…and buy a large water.
Just ice. Just water.
It’s kind of ridiculous. But it also makes me happy. Sonic has the best ice in the world.

And sometimes when I ponder my drink-buying habit, I get to feeling guilty. Dave Ramsey would say something like, “Those purchases add up over a year.” But when I do the math, multiplying the purchases times 54 cents, it’s kind of hard to get too worked up.When I start putting it on a Visa to get by, then I’ll reconsider.

And then I think how irresponsible it is to the environment. Those large styrofoam cups will be around when my nephew’s nephew’s nephew is in his nineties.
But then I think about how in the grand scheme of things, I’m not too awful. I mean, when’s the last time I accidentally dumped a super tanker of oil in the ocean and killed thousands of animals and various species? It’s been a really long time. So maybe a few ridiculously large (but never large enough…) cups aren’t so bad.

AND THEN I think…maybe the saddest thing here is that my favorite reward…is ice water.
Maybe that’s the real tragedy here.

What’s a habit you need to break?


  1. Shauna says

    Some Sonics will sell you bags of their ice. Might be worth checking out! I love cherry limeaids and cherry Cokes from Sonic, but sadly, I have boycotted our local one because they’re so incompetent. I’m sure they could find some way to even mess up an order for a cup of water.

  2. says

    for me it would be pop. I love pop. I mean next year I will be in highschool and can’t be drinking pop all the time. so I am staying away. I need to stay skiny if I want to stay in dance to. :)
    P.S.that contest on that teen and tweens book review blog with the there you’ll find me book contest… who ever won that?

  3. bookwyrm15 says

    Reading WAAAAAY too much. To the point of freakish obsession :)

    Also jumping to conclusions. And not taking my vitamins in the morning.

  4. says

    Wow bookwyrm that is so weird I am always jumping to conclusions I read way to much and I do not take vitamins, cause I always forget!:)

  5. Abbigail says

    Definitely reading. I guess Mom was right – a good thing CAN be bad if you do it too much or if it gets in the way of other importanter stuff…and yes I just invented a word; ’cause I’m awesome like that. 😀
    Procrastination. See? I saved that for last. lol

  6. Abbigail says

    Oh, and Chris Potash – You’ve missed out. It just is. It’s crushed ice, but it’s weird because most everybody that doesn’t even like crushed ice likes Sonic ice.

  7. Dawn says

    Also need to break my Sonic habit. Only mine is more expensive–Coke Zero! So I am obsessive about getting there during Happy Hour or before 11:00 am when the large is .99! LOVE that Sonic ice, and, yes, I buy it by the bag!

  8. Olivia says

    My sonic stories are weird. You have been warned. Well, I’m a vegetarian so sometimes I’ll get weird stuff (the mushroom swiss patty melt w/o the patty, a bacon egg and cheese breakfast burrito w/o bacon) so the people at the window KNOW us. They know my dad’s voice! Literally sunday we went there and I got the patty melt. Then Wednesday we went and got the burrito…The lady comes out looks over at me and says, “Did you not like the melt?” No, I am NOT kidding! Ah, sonic addictions. We all have them!

  9. D Martin says

    Dr Pepper. Oh woe is me. I can’t go a day without one, or two, or … well, you get the picture.

  10. Paris says

    My mom’s friend was looking at houses and the one she bought won her over because the refrigerator had an ice/water machine with the pellet ice like at Sonic. You should just buy a refrigerator.

  11. Allie Smith says

    Bookwyrm stole my thing. Acually,alot of yall stole my bad habits!!!LOL. Procrastination has got to be the worst thing for me. “If you wait till the last minute,it only takes a minute!” HAHA! But I’m graduating next year so I hafta break the habit before I go to college if I want to survive a double major…And reading when I shouldn’t is constantly gettin me in trouble. It’s all your fault,Jenny! :)

  12. says

    So funny! Sonic definitely has the best ice! The habit I need to break is eating my daily dose of chocolate. If I workout in the morning, I feel like I’ve earned a chocolate reward, thus destroying my workout. Oh well. I could be doing something far worse.

  13. jbjadmin says

    For some reason everyone’s habit didn’t make me feel any better about my “I buy ice water” vice.

    Jason, I’ve tried to add up my water purchases to justify the 5k ice machine, but so far…can’t do it. Maybe if I put it on my Christmas list.

  14. says

    I do the exact same thing. The only reason I ask for water and not just the ice is because I rarely drink water. The ice is like the bribe to get me to drink it.

  15. says

    Another Sonic junkie here. I love the ice and buy it by the bag to use in favorite beverages at home. My vice is, unfortunately, the route 44 half dp/half diet dp with diet cherry and vanilla.

    I know soda is very unhealthy–even when half-diet–and I’m working to break the habit.

    I’m gonna try your beverage of choice with modifications–sonic ice (from my fridge) and Oarka water.

    I know, I know, those water bottles are an environmental problem as well.

  16. jessica says

    I know like all of you disagree with me but… i kind of hate sonic. I do have resons though. I’ve only eaten there once when i was younger, they totally messed up my order. For one, them put something on my burger that made it taste disgusting. Also, the milk they gave me tasted like it had expired a while ago. The funny thing is that i still ate it all! Silly little me, not wanting to complain. Needless to say, i threw up that night (which is probably way too much information).I think i also got tater tots and i don’t remember what was wrong with those but i do know that i haven’t eaten them since. So that is why i do not eat sonic. I might have to try their ice though. 😉

  17. jessica says

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention my habit. Like many of you i have a small, okay huge problem with procrastination. And your blog does not help with that Jenny.

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