Downton Low Down


Let’s talk about Downton Abbey. Did you watch the two hour opening?
I must confess…I was bored. I have a simple brain. There’s a reason I read People magazine and not the Wall Street Journal. There are too many dang storylines and people in Downton.  It probably didn’t help that I watched it on my bedroom TV, which is roughly the size of your palm, which hangs from my ceiling on the opposite side of the room, and as usual, I refused to put on my spectacles. So every male under the age of 4o started looking like Matthew. (Why’s he working in the kitchen now?)  But even with 20/20 vision, I’d still think there are TOO MANY PLAYERS ON STAGE!!!

Side note: Elizabeth McGovern has been living in England for the last 20 years. She says it’s because she got married. I say that’s where folks go to escape the sorrows of not being 80s cool. Madonna Louise Cicconi, I’m talking to you.

There will be at least a Downton Abbey part 3, right? So I’m forecasting here, and I’m saying that either/both Matthew or Mary will marry. Then whenever this thing is truly wrapped up, they will be reunited. Right now they have no chemistry, and that worries me. They had Season One chemistry. Maybe they don’t have any Season Two Tinglies because they are too busy following the cast flow chart. It’s hard to give sizzling looks when you’re constantly playing Six Degrees of Mr. Banks.

I do appreciate how they’ve upped the dry witted lines of Dame Maggie Smith. She is a little less serious and sour this season, and now is more the comic relief in the guise of being a curmudgeon. It’s a break from the true DA1 character, but it’s so freakin’ good, I don’t care. I pretty much live for anything she says. Plus when I see her, I know she’s definitely not Matthew.
That’s granny.

And letting Thomas back in the house again? To OVERSEE it? Do they not have their glasses on either? Are they nuts?

If Cook doesn’t keep pushing Daisy into deceptively being engaged with William, I think Cook should have to marry him herself.  William and Cook. Lovely couple.

I’m not a fan of Mr. Banks being for real married. I seem to have missed out on that fact in Season One. Or was that an end of season reveal?
In last Sunday’s episode he told Anna that he had proof his wife was cheating on him. He reported this information while in a clandestine meeting with the woman he’s pledged his love to. Cheeky, Mr. Bates. Cheeky.

I still love Downton. Really digging Sybil. She has moxie. And glad Edith got some atta girls Sunday night. She normally gets treated like she was found on the doorstep with a note that said, “Please care for her. Signed, Jeffrey Dahmer.”

What do you think of Downton? What’s your favorite?