Commercial Love

If you watched the Grammy’s you might’ve seen the Chipotle commercial. Loved it. Love the message.

We don’t have a Chipotle anywhere near us, but I hear good things. Mostly I respect their respect for whole foods and not Frankenfood, as Michael Pollan would say. And I love anyone who incorporates Willie Nelson into their business plan.


  1. Laura says

    There is a Chipoltle on Dickson St., just in case you are down that way one day. I didn’t know if you knew! I just learned at Christmas.

  2. bookwyrm15 says

    My favorite Grammy’s commerical was the Hunger Games one, but I suppose the Chipotle one was cute too. :)

  3. Sarah says

    I don’t have TV so i wasn’t able to watch the Grammys, but i always catch up afterwards, but the Chipotle was so cute! i loved it, i love the idea of the food coming from organic farms! (though, i do have to guiltily admit that i am a sucker for McDonald’s and sonic’s dollar menus!) But i do have a Chipotle near me and it is delicious! And I’m dying to know, what is your favorite fast food restaurant?

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