Thank God for Funny Friends


I have a friend. We’ll call her Carla. (Name changed to protect the animal-disliking)
She does not like cats. She doesn’t really like dogs either.
I swear she’s still a good person though.

So she dislikes cats.

Read this email I received from her last night.

Some of the church girls had a get together tonight, so Ali rode with me. I dropped her off just a few min ago.
Drive home. Put the car in park. Look down.
And there’s a freaking cat INSIDE of my van staring at me!
I screamed and jumped out, looking like a ninja, and run and jump on the back of the van…I guess I thought it would attack me?
It finally runs under the truck, so I sprint in the house and my husband asks me if I’m drunk!

I’m convinced cats are out to kill me now.
Turns out it was Ali’s cat. Apparently it has a hitchhiking problem because it’s always getting in her neighbor’s car. Freaky cats!!!

Can you top that?