Let’s Talk Movies

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My movie watching has slowed down a bit. I blame Downton and my new discovery of all things Bravo.

Months ago I saw Young Adult. I think I’m pretty good at telling from the previews about the quality of a movie. If the previews show no plot, then it does not bode well. I hated Young Adult. I didn’t want to see it, but went along for kicks. And kick it did. Right between the eye balls. This movie was so bad. You hate the main character from the very beginning and it never lets up. I’m no fiction genius, but here’s a tip writer and aspiring writers: your reader/viewer shouldn’t hate your main character 100 percent of the plot. I’m all about breaking some writing rules, but some of them are there for a reason. I cannot imagine reading this script as an actress and saying, “I’d love to be this character.” She was so mean, she was a SNL skit. No, she was so detestable she was the Syfy network.

Saw The Vow a few weeks ago. I had hesitant hopes for this movie. It was good. It was okay. But again, no plot. WHY is this a trend in Hollywood? In this day and age, the average attention span is shrinking by the second. **checks text message**) So I’d think paring down the plot would not be ideal. But really not much happens in this movie. Maybe that’s okay when Channing Tatum headlines. He’s kinda pretty in this picture show. This flick had SO much potential though. It really could’ve gone somewhere. Production companies should seek out book editors. The whole time I was watching The Vow, I kept thinking of my dear, smart-as-a-whip editor Jamie Chavez and all the things she wouldn’t have let me get away with had I written that story. By the way, Jamie has a great blog full of writing information. You should totally check it out. Anyway, Jamie would’ve totally knocked some WIN into that story.

I have never been the biggest Channing Tatum fan. (I know. I lost some blog readers just now.)  I never thought he was much of an actor. But this month I saw him on Saturday Night Live, and though his sketches were awful (what else is new, SNL?) (Side note: Maya Rudolph episode Sat. was great actually), I was surprised how well he handled comedy. He had timing. And he knew what to do with it. Then he really surprised me in The Vow. When I think about it, everything CT’s ever done has basically been the same character: brooding, rebellious guy who probably took the easy math classes in high school. The Vow is the first I’ve seen him break out and be a real character. And he did really well I thought. I bought his character. Next he’s in 21 Jump Street, a remake of an 80s show. God help him.

This weekend I rented Super 8. I had heard lots of raves over this one. I’d heard that it was an unexpected hit. I didn’t have that same reaction. Super 8 is like Stand by Me+Goonies+Aliens. It was kind of fun to watch, but it’s bad dumb in some places. Great cast though. The kids totally make the movie. Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights is in it. When he has to take the lead to save the town, I expected him to say, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!” He did not. I really think the alien and the military would’ve backed down sooner if he had.

Sunday I came home from church and watched The Proposal in the name of research. (Dear INS, if you are reading this, I did not watch it to research how to successfully marry someone so they can get their green card, insuring neither one of us goes to jail. No matter what Juan Carlos says.)  I love that movie. Where are the rom-coms, Hollywood? I know they do well. I know they’re cheaper to make. I know I do not have nearly enough Ryan Reynolds in my life. What gives? Who do we talk to to get more romantic comedies created?

What about you? What are some movies you’ve seen lately? Give me your thumbs up or thumbs down review.