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I’ll Be Yours: Chapter One

So the thing with pre-orders is you often can’t see the chapter sample. NO BUENO. My newsletter friends got a sneak peek of one of my favorite chapters/scenes from I’ll Be Yours, but that didn’t include the all-important chapter one. So…here ’tis! CHAPTER ONE Sometimes I stare out my bedroom window, find the North Star, […]


Have Some Indie Publishing Questions?

Hey, guys! This post will just bore the pants off of some of you, but I’ve been getting a lot of questions about indie publishing. I thought I’d post a few “must knows” here. 1. Series is king. You can do really well publishing stand-alone books (not that series books aren’t stand alone), but overall, […]


Writerly Wednesday

Happy Friday that is definitely not a Wednesday! Is everyone having a good summer so far? I am really, really proud to say I have yet to contract poison ivy, which I’ve done the last few years, and when I say “done,” I mean DONE REALLY WELL. Like, I don’t want to brag, but I […]


Natalie Lloyd, Part Deux!!!

Hey, guys! As you read this, I’m in Scotland! I’m so grateful to awesome author Natalie Lloyd for stopping by my blog and letting us bug her with nosy questions. Don’t forget, we’re giving away a copy of her book Paperdoll. It’s a great book to read and have on hand for advice and encouragement. […]