Did you know Pluto is no longer a planet? That's right. It got its planetary membership card taken away. I personally feel that this is just a travesty. And I can't even imagine how Pluto feels. To think ALL this time that you're a planet. But you're not. You've been living a lie. You KNOW Pluto is having some identity issues right now.

A friend of mine posed the question, “If Pluto is out, what's next?”

I have a few suggestions.

Skinny Jeans. Girls, whose idea was this? They are a blast from the eighties, and they need to stay there. Like frosty blue eye shadow. If we all agree not to buy them, then they'll go away. Forever. LONG LIVE FLARES!!!! Aw, come on. You can hide a lot of leg in flares. Um, not so much in those skinny jeans.

Vegetables. The loss of Pluto as a planet saddens me. Makes me question everything. Like maybe next week we'll find out that vegetables aren't really a necessary food group. Dogs eat everything. But even they don't touch vegetables. I think there's a lesson to be learned there. And if we get to vote on what takes the place of veggies on the food pyramid, I'm putting all my support behind breakfast cereal. Let's see some Fruity Pebbles on that food pyramid! Who wouldn't enjoy a food group that usually comes with prizes?

The Two Day Weekend. I would be ecstatic if I turned on the news tonight and Tom Brokaw said, “Er, um…so sorry, but there seems to have been a mistake. The weekend was never supposed to have been two days. Seems we miscounted, and you're actually supposed to have Friday off too.” Not only would I not be mad at the person who made the grievous error (He's probably dead anyway. Worked himself to death, you know), but I would buy him birthday presents for life. Let's take back Friday so we can watch General Hospital! Um, no–I mean so we can make a difference!

So I mourn the loss of Pluto. He was a good planet. He never did anyone any harm. Just up there in the sky. Doing planetary things. Like rotating around something, I guess.

How about you? What would you like to see abolished?

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Hannah - August 30, 2006

Hello. I’m Hannah (Lamb) from you’re 5th hour class. I saw the website on the board today and decided to visit it (obviously). I agree with you on the skinny jeans “fad”. Not so complementary on people in my opinion. I plan on sticking to flared jeans and pants. All the way! Haha. Also, with Pluto not being a planet anymore, it seems so sad. Imagine, my kids won’t learn about the 9 planets. There will only be 8. That will be strange!

Sarah Anne Sumpolec - September 6, 2006

Cute- I’m sad about Pluto too!

Maybe we can abolish the whole “Dessert comes after the meal” thing. Seriously.

Lori - September 10, 2006

I totally agree with Hannah
If I didn’t have to go I would write more.
See you in 5th period

Cuz - November 7, 2006

Abolish the need for fuel for cars…or let mine run on sweet gum balls from the tree in my back yard. There’s got to be some use for those pesky little stickery monsters!

hannah - July 13, 2009

skiiny jeans are still here and its half way through 2009! although i must say skinny jeans are nice if they are loose skinny’s, flares are nice if they aren’t to flared on the bottom. and what is with the 80’s look? i visited and they have a whole juniors trends section on “hippie chic” its everything in your nightmares! peace signs, tye dye, giants smiley faces. volkswagens, peace signs. and peace love and trees! its disgusting. they also have a juniors trends section to punk. neon, zebra prints, guitars, skulls, plaid, skulls, and blackness. and when did country come in? plaid shirts? come on! life isn’t a square dance! so dont dress like it is! and then there is the old days look:

there are trouser thingies on those shorts!?

i think people are NOT getting any new ideas!
thanks for letting me vent on the fashion mistakes out there right now. and i agree! dont buy them and maybe they will go away!



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