G’day and Goodbye

Steve Erwin.
Gonna miss that guy. I didn't really get into all the crocodile wrestling he did, but I loved to listen to him talk.

The croc hunter didn't do anything half way, you know? He was crazy-passionate about his interests: family, animals, and the environment. Wouldn't he have been a cool guy to know? How awesome would it be to have a friend that's so pumped up, so positive. And calls you “mate” (like he means it!).

Steve lived it to the fullest. What's something you're full-on passionate about? School? God? Music? Video games? Discovering the true chemical composition of tofu?

My current passion is writing. Okay, and watching The Soup on E! Yup, I've become a wee bit addicted. But both are making an impact. My first YA book In Between will be out this spring. And as for The Soup, well…um, I can name the major players on Flavor of Love.

That last one's hard to top, I know.
What are you really into right now?
(And those of you whose sole mission has been waiting for the appearance of Suri Cruise– find a new hobby. The search is over.)

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