Over- Achievers

Check this out. The first official preview for the movie Eragon.

Okay, Christopher Paolini, the guy who wrote Eragon. Hello, 15 when he wrote the book. And now it's a major motion picture.

What was I doing at fifteen? Um, let me think. Failing my drivers test on a regular basis. (I should probably have a special sticker on my drivers license, I failed it so many times. Maybe a required warning sign on my car?) I was also devoting a lot of time to smutty romance novels (Don't believe it, girls. Just don't believe it.) I was making my mother miserable. (Seriously, aside from getting good grades, I was a rotten kid. She should have required monetary compensation from me.) And I was doing a ridiculous impression of a cheerleader at my high school (small pool of girls to pick from, I guess).

But if I could've done anything at 15, what would I have done? Written a novel like Paolini? Nah. Discovered a cure for cancer? Doubt it. My wish probably would've involved a movie deal, Tom Cruise (he was sane then), and of course, me. Alas, Top Gun II was never meant to be.

What would you want to accomplish at 15? (Or wish you could have, for you old timers)

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Dineen A. Miller - September 19, 2006

Hey Jennifer!
Thanks for posting that preview. It looks really good. Amazing that Paolini did that. I know his partents were/are in the publishing industry, but you still have to have a good story.

What did I want to at 15? Survive junior high and get on with H.S. LOL! Not to ambitious, eh?

Your book cover looks awesome, btw!

Trish Ryan - September 19, 2006

At 15, my big goals included finding the perfect lip gloss and getting a date for Homecoming. Profound, huh? But hey – at least I didn’t peak too early 🙂


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