Calling Dish Network!

I am SOOOO ticked off. Tonight was to be a very, very special night. Some soft music. A little candle light. A nice dinner. Just me and my seven o'clock date. The Gilmore Girls.

And it's NOT on! Why you ask? WHY INDEED! WHY would someone do this to me? What kind of cruel, sick joke is this?

Okay, so the WB no longer exits (a moment of silence, if you please.)….

(silence over)
And it is now the CW. WELL the CW is not being carried on my cable provider (I hate them.). I call my evil, demonic cable provider.
“Is this the evil, demonic cable provider?”
“Yes it is. How may we help you?”
“Where is the CW? Where are Lorelai and Rory?”
“Um…the CW is not currently on.”
“WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!”
“You'll have to call the CW network, and they'll tell you exactly why.”
“But you won't tell me?” I ask.
“Because you're employed by the Dark Prince of Evil?”

It's just not right. If anyone has Dish Network's number, pass it on. If anyone has some Prozac–send that my way, too.
Why couldn't the public access channels ever mysteriously go off? It's a sad, sad day when the most reliable thing on your cable is U of A TV.

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Erin - September 30, 2006

I share your pain, Jennifer. Thought not a diehard WB watcher, it was comforting to know the Gilmores were there when I needed some good old-fashioned attitude. Now I’ll just have to rely on our conversations. :o)

Kari - September 30, 2006

come watch it with me!!!!!!!!!! we can have a date together every tuesday night 🙂

SALLE - September 30, 2006

Jennifer, totally understand your pain….4 words….AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL! MY cable guide tells me every week that ANTM is going to be on channel 20 at 7:00….well to my surprise every week, after waiting and waiting for WED. to roll around, it’s NEVER on! It’s some other stupid show. I did call the cable company and asked why they would play this CRUEL joke on me EVERY week, and they said it would be fixed in a couple of weeks…3 weeks later…STILL NO ANTM! I”m VERY VERY UPSET!

Heather - September 30, 2006

I am truly sorry for your loss!

Tiff - September 30, 2006

that is why we got of rid of dish after only 3 weeks 🙁 the price sure sucked us in but it was not worth the hassle.

Jennifer B. Jones - September 30, 2006

Yeah, and now Cox or the CW won’t return my calls! EVIL, I tell you!


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