The Weekend Update

So Saturday night I had a costume party to attend. I went as Katie Holmes. I had a wig, giant sun glasses, and Suri. It didn't quite work. I think I'm just not as in touch with my psycho-alien worshiping pop culture icon as I should be.

Sunday night saw Chris Tomlin in concert.

Totally awesome experience. If you get the chance, you MUST see him. At one point in a song, we shared a moment, Chris Tomlin and I. Seriously, our eyes met. The crowds parted. He looked at me, and I got his message loud and clear. He said, “You+Me=Forever.” Plain as day. Of course, it might've also have been a look that said, “Please duck down short girl in the fifth row so I can see hot blonde chick in sixth row.” But I will cling to hope. I'm usually not wrong about these things.

Anyway, I highly recommend Chris Tomlin's latest CD, See the Morning. It will be the last one he puts out not dedicated to me.

You can check out “Made to Worship” here.

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