The Best Day EVER!!!

Had a snow day (and a half) last week. Once again I will use my mean rhymes to share my inner-most feelings.


Snow, I love your whitey, school-closing goodness,
Your frozen, sleet-filled, crystal flakes.
And I just knew you'd come through for me,
Like Pamela Anderson knows her boobs are fakes.

I love watching TV and getting to read.
I love not working and getting to snooze.
For you snow, I'd shout my love to the world.
I'd jump on Oprah's couch like Tom Cruise.

We didn't get enough precip for sledding,
But I know there's always a next time.
It was enough to watch the closings scroll by,
Knowing the hills were too iced for buses to climb.

I shall patiently wait on your sweet return.
Until then I'll continue my same snow dance
I'll still pray and offer up student sacrifices
Until flakes fall. Or Britney wears underpants.

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Anonymous - December 3, 2006

Nice….in her defense, she might be allergic to them. I am…….

Sookie - December 4, 2006

Britney, allergic to underwear? I think she’s pretty much allergic to every article of clothing.

Anonymous - December 5, 2006

Pam Andrson’s boobs are fakes???

Jennifer B. Jones - December 26, 2006

Only the right one. Freak birth defect.

hannah - November 10, 2008

i feel so bad for britney! but she needs to get it together,and acually wear some clothes for once


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