Year In Review

Another year gone. Goodbye, 2006. You were a very good year to me. I shall miss you and think of you fondly.

I would like to take some time and reflect on Two Thousand and Six, the Year of our Lord. Oh, Oh, Six. The Big Six. The sixth year past the millennium.

This is a toughie. Probably a three-way tie.
I liked Chris Tomlin a lot because he's hot AND holy.

I liked Tim and Faith because we were supposed to be in the nose bleed section, but by some twist of fate, we got moved to a front section. (Okay, actually I caught Tim's eye, and he said, “I must move this girl.”) This was also fun because it was a road trip with some crazy girls. We also tried to crash a family reunion in our hotel because they had cool t-shirts and were giving away flat screen TVs, but we weren't the right ethnicity. Also a great time getting separated on the bus to the venue. I about wet my pants because those who know me know I am not to be left alone if there is even a remote chance I can get lost. Because I will. Let's just say much running was done that evening to make it to the concert before the opening song.

I really enjoyed Brooks and Dunn in Oklahoma City. This was a great time because it was for my mom's birthday. She had a blast, and they really are a fun act to see. It was an awesome road trip for the girls in the family. I think Ronnie Dunn has had some plastic surgery. Sugarland was there also, and they're supah good. Except Jennifer Nettles says the same thing after every song in the exact same tone. “Thank yewwwwwwwww very much.” And she does moc-ballet during her songs. Seriously.

This is hard. I've bought quite a few, so I can't even remember. I do have a slight CD addiction problem. But I am proud to say I did NOT purchase this one:

I laughed. I cried. It moved me unlike any other movie this year. The lead actor deserves an Oscar…a Golden Globe…a Pulitzer.

And if they ever add the category “Best Leading Actor in Tights,” I know he will win. That's right, Nacho Libre. Many disliked it, but it is what it is. Totally stupid. We're in a war, people! If you want emotional, heavy, thought provoking, angst-filled drama, just turn on the news! I want stupid jokes and zippy one liners to use at parties. “Did you tell him dey are de Lord's cheeps?” I mean, seriously, isn't it fun to just say out loud, “These are my stretchy pants.” Yes, it is. Thank you, Nacho Libre. May your spandex reign forever.


Finally saw Wicked. SOOOOO good. Amazing. And we had HORRIBLE seats. But still the best. It's starting to tour, so you MUST see this if it comes your way. And the CD, which I've had for years, is the best CD I've ever owned. Well, except for my New Kids on the Block CD, of course. (BTW, did you know Jordan Knight was hawking his latest cd on a QVC recently? Looks like somebody's not hanging so tough.)

Other great musicals I saw include Aida (story is so-so, but music is fabulous)and The Drowsy Chaperone (very clever but not Big Broadway like you'd expect).


Oh, my gosh. There are no words for how much I disliked RENT. It wasn't about the subject matter. The only thing that offended me in this musical was the sheer level of crappiness I had to endure. Painful. They sing almost every word. And my camera got confiscated during intermission. Believe me, Walton Art Center, I was NOT taking pictures or video of RENT. It's probably best they removed my camera from my hands though. I would've been tempted to brain myself with it in the second act.


This book, Eat to Live, will scare you more than the musical RENT. More than K-Fed's attempt at gangsta. I still follow the diet (excuse me, eating lifestyle) in a modified amount. But I think about the book daily. Like yesterday when I was polishing off a bag of Oreos…


Bras and Broomsticks and the sequel Frogs and French Kisses. Funny. Fun. Hard to put down. Highly recommended. In fact, they're making these books into a movie.

Too many to recall. How about swinging my nephew around and him accidentally pulling my pants down?

Getting a major fit of giggles at a funeral ranks up there. Don't you love that feeling where you're holding in your laughter so hard you've cut off your own air supply? So see, I had to laugh–in order to save my own life.
I would also like to say that I am proud to have gone through another year without standing in front of my students with my pants unzipped. No, it hasn't ever happened. But it will. Some day. I know. I wait for it.

Even worse than the current fashion of starlets with waists the size of my pinky finger, we have starlets without underwear.

I have had a lot of faith in our government, but George Bush, if you're reading this, you MUST get on this problem. I should NOT have to endure the sight of Britney Spears nether-regions. Ew. We need some fast legislation. Forget border control–this panty-less situation needs immediate attention. Or maybe instead of building a wall around our borders you could just show Britney's pics. People would be grabbing their children and running back home. If you would like to include me in your think tank for this issue, GW, you've got my cell. (But quit IM'ing me. I'm sorry you weren't invited to TomKat's wedding. Get over it.)

Happy New Year. I'm excited for 2007. Should be interesting–and hopefully giggle-worthy.

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Laura - December 27, 2006

I would just like to say I was one of the ones left behind at the bus/subway, but despite being left behind I was given the gift of the funniest face ever by Jen Jones. The look on your face when those doors closed was absolutely priceless.

Jessica - January 2, 2007

Love your favorites of 2006. Wicked was so awesome, glad that we could watch that together!! Can’t wait to see your success in 2007 – The year of your book release!!!!!!!!!!!


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