Cover for Book Two

It's been a tough week with the news of Anna Nicole, false snow reports, a deadline, and conferences at school. But opening my In box to see the cover for book two, On the Loose, was definitely a little ray of sunshine.

I like how on this cover you can tell the book isn't totally serious. Unless you think chickens are serious business. And you're entitled to that.

I also like the car wreck on there. It's like a page ripped from my teen years (minus the strutting poultry and the studly boy waiting on the side).

BUT I don't know what's up with the girl's rash on her hand. I did a google search for “rashes” but couldn't identify it. I sent the model some pamphlets anyway. Forewarned is forearmed.

Actually, I think it's just a discoloration having to do with the resolution of the picture.

Okay, I really don't, but if the cover model is reading this blog, then she's gonna be all like, “WHY are you discussing my rash on the Internet? You have hurt my feelings, and I shall never buy your book.” But that's okay. Because obviously she needs to spend her money on some ointment or something. But Cover Model, it's okay. Bad rashes happen to good people. At least that's what my friends Leslie, Laura, Kim, Heather, and Holly say.

In the meantime, I am tracking the Anna Nicole story. I almost need a spreadsheet to do so. I need flow charts. There are so many twists and turns. Did you know Howard was never paid by Anna for his legal work and his PARENTS have supported him since the mid nineties? Did you know the day after she died, her Bahama mansion (which is hers and yet it isn't) was broken into and all her stuff was stolen? Videos of the baby (Don't worry, Howard Stern. Entertainment Tonight and the Insider both have duplicate copies. Remember?), “important legal documents,” and TONS of other things were taken. WHERE was the security system?

You know what Howard needs? Security cats. Seriously. Works for me.

Look how sneaky that cat is up on there on my armoire. Okay, well, say what you want, but has anyone ever stolen MY “important legal documents?” No. Has anyone ever stolen pictures of ME dressed just like Marilyn Monroe? No. Has anyone ever taken pictures I've drawn of myself and hung in various rooms of the house and called “art?” No. So Howard–Security cats. They may LOOK like they're asleep, but it's alllll part of their plan.

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Laura - February 17, 2007

I know NOTHING about various and unidentified rashes…actually let me clarify, I know nothing about them period! I can’t speak for Leslie, Heather, and Kim.

Anonymous - February 17, 2007

Unlike Laura, I do know about bad rashes and zits in weird places. Your not foolin anyone Jen, I’ve known you to have rashes in strange places too…….

Jenny B. Jones - February 17, 2007

Yeah, probably from my FRIEND allergies.

Heather - February 18, 2007

Um, I agree with Laura..the whole unidentified rash thing is SO Kim and Leslie…you know I ALWAYS go have my rashes identified:)

Anonymous - February 18, 2007

No rashes here, well at least not this week…KT


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