Watch this video of the smartest dog in the world. Like many of us, he wants in the pool, but yet he doesn't want to get his hair wet. Who can't relate? Watch Mr. Barkie Von Schnauzer solve this age-old dilemma.

While this does score high points for some great valley girl improv, I'd give our girl Britney Spears an “F” for continuing the trainwreck that is her media persona. What does she need more than substance abuse rehab? A PR intervention. Check out this recent interview where she tells the world what she thinks of her management team and her time in rehab. Do I smell a reality series coming on?

And finally, just a random oddity. I think I would be more interested if it were a mask of George Clooney or Matthew McConaghey. I want Einstein's face checking me out because…?

Have a great weekend. And thanks to all who have sent messages of support for my Jen Hearts Prince Wills Very Much campaign. I have no progress to report, but I will not give up. Camilla never did and look how well that turned out.

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