Summertime—and the Living is Easy

Today was my last day of school. So long school year, 2006-2007. It’s been…real.As in real long. Real exhausting. And real glad it’s over.

My summer plans (after the four days of school meetings, which I refuse to comment on):

1. Painting. The disaster known as my bedroom (John Deere threw up here), must be corrected. I stumbled upon inspiration and a theme a bit more calming today and will go with that. See, out of school only a few hours and already my brain is working better. John Deere green paint—this is my brain on school.

2. Spend some time with the cats, Grady and Miller. I think I have neglected one of the fuzzy wonders, as he is behaving destructively. And again, for those that keep up, he’s on meds. He has a running prescription of anti-depressants, but I think I probably need them more. Cat is psycho. Could be the green bedroom though. I wonder if this could get us on Dr. Phil?

3. Clean my house. I hear it’s what most people do. I think I’ll give it a try and see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. I have my doubts.

4. Catch up on Oprah and once again ignore her book club selection. Hello, Oprah, your books are a drag! When are you gonna pick something funny? What’s wrong with a beach read? You know what this country REALLY needs?

Some Berenstain Bears. If we all read those, we’d know a proper bedtime is important, it’s not nice to yell at our siblings and neighbors, and parents (or teachers—especially short speech teachers) usually know best.

5. Find a wrinkle cream. I don’t really want to talk about it.

6. Drink lots of ice tea. (Which unfortunately racks up a lot of summer pee time)

7. Write The Big Picture, Act III in the Katie Parker series, and the book that follows this one, which releases in September. (And no, it’s really not 208 pages. I distinctly remember bleeding out quite a bit more.)

8. Layout and get a tan. Just kidding.

9. Do the Beth Moore Bible study on Daniel. Because that is one smart, southern girl. (We’re a lot alike like that).

10. Try to enjoy the break instead of waking up every day with the thought, “Oh, my gosh. I only have _________ more days left!”

And I want to say George Bush’s announcement today that Russia would not be bombing Europe really set my mind at ease. As I will be going there at the end of July, I do believe bombing and stuff could totally mess up my vacation. George W. does not want to see three single girls with nothing to loose get irate over a bombed Eiffel Tower and serious airline delays. Not to mention it would totally frizz my hair.

Happy summer to all!

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